Throwback Thursday: Kemp & Payton

Throwback Thursday isn’t just reserved for Instagram. We here at Tragic Johnson want to give you the bball version of #tbt. Every thursday we’re going to take you back and show some old school players, music, kicks, and/or plays some love.

Our subjects for today are The Glove aka Gary Payton and The Reign Man aka Shawn Kemp.

It was announced during the Final Four this past weekend that The Glove was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. One of the all-time great guards in NBA history, his induction was no surprise. You know he was incredible defensively, being the only point guard to EVER defensive player of the year. But people forget that Payton would give you the business on the offensive end too. Rajon Rondo he was not, scoring over 20,000 points in his career.

Plus he was one of the most notorious trash talkers

But as great as he was, whenever I think of Payton I can’t help but think of Shawn Kemp.
People love to blow up Blake Griffin, but I don’t think they’ve sat and watched Shawn Kemp in his prime. I’m taking Kemp everyday of the week. He looked like he might’ve been on his way to the Hall and then the lockout happened.

Shawn went from this….

to this…

Shawn Blimp

Shawn Blimp

During their time and Seattle, these two were probably the most devastating alley-oop combo in the history of the game.

The playoff series that really put these two on the map and had us bball fans drooling for more, was the 1992 1st round series vs Run T.M.C.

One of the most entertaining series I’ve ever seen, the Sonics upset the 3rd seeded Warriors 3-1. One of the signature moments came in game 3. Game tied 124-124 and then this happened…..

Goodness Gracious!!!

Then in the series clincher, Kemp did this….

Yes, that’s the Lister Blister and Gatling gave the man dap after he got flushed on…who does that???

I encourage you to get online, find other highlights, you won’t be disappointed.

Tragic Johnson salutes GP and the Reign Man

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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