Doug Collins out in Philly

112712-doug-collins-600Multiple media sources have reported that 76ers coach Doug Collins will likely resign when the season ends after tonight’s game. The team is negotiating with Collins to make him a “consultant” for next season, so he can collect on the $4.5 million he’s owed in the last year of his contract. It’s the least they can do for a very good coach who was let down by his organization.

I’m a tad disappointed in how all of this played out. I thought this was the perfect marriage of an old school coach with a young team. Collins is a teacher of basketball and a very good one.

He had Philly on the right track. His 1st season they made the playoffs and lost to Miami in 5 games. Last season, they defeated the top seeded Bulls and were a game away from going to the Eastern Conference Finals, but lost to Boston in 7-games.

With a young group of athletes in place, plus some cap room, the future seemed bright for Philly. But then the 76ers made the trade for Andrew Bynum, his horrible knees, and his even more turrible hair. He’s had more hairstyles than minutes played this season…

The Mop Top

The Mop Top

The Frederick Douglass

The Frederick Douglass

The...WTH is this?!?!

The WTF?!?

If you want to know where it all went wrong, lets start there. Philly gave up Igudola, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless and they allowed Lou Williams to leave via free agency. You basically gave up 4 players for a guy who maybe practiced twice all season. They consulted SIX doctors and still took the gamble on Bynum.

I’m pretty sure they could’ve used Vucevic this year. We can all agree that the Miami Heat is the measuring stick for teams in the east and Vucevic is averaging 22.5ppg and 25rpg this season vs Miami. For the season, Vucevic is averaging a very strong 13ppg and 11.9rpg. Put that guy with Igudola, Jrue Holiday, and Thaddeus Young you might have a really good team.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that hindsight is 20/20, but the fact that they had to consult SIX doctors should’ve told them something. The 76ers organization failed. They failed Coach Collins, their players, and the fans with this Bynum deal. A once promising team is stuck wondering what the next step is going to be. With the biggest question being, do you resign Bynum?


But there is a bright side to all of this. It clears the way for one of the best basketball analyst to get back in the booth. Collins was great on tv and was there for some of the more memorable moments in bball….

“Where did he go???”

and remember this one…..

“Look at the extension….Shawn BRADLEY!!!”

Those two dunks never get old.

– N.D. Face

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One thought on “Doug Collins out in Philly

  1. I can’t believe Iggy has seuddnly found his three point shot. It might be a fluke for a guy to seuddnly extend his game this late into his career, but if its not a fluke and he continues to be deadly from 3 point land, I bet it will put him over the top into all-star territory. The other aspects of his game continue to hold up. It would make him a deadly player on top of being one of the most complete players in the league. He just needs to tighten up his free throw shooting, but that Golden State game was a joke even Meeks missed two in a row, and he was one of the best at it last year.Now if only Brand can manufacture the numbers he had last year. He’s missed so many of his bread and butter shots lately its unbecoming. Imagine EB and Hawes cleaning up the boards and hitting those mid range shots consistently together. With Hawes’ resurgence and EB hopefully matching his production from last year, our front court won’t be intimidating but it will be a pain in the ass for other teams.But the one thing bothering me most, besides those free throws Iggy clanked in the Utah game? Thaddeus Young’s inability to hit a mid range jumper. I think his success rate might be about 25 percent, but I don’t know the numbers. He’s trying to diversify his game but its painful to watch alot of times.

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