Throwback Thursday: NBA Inside Stuff


Back in the 1990’s, once the Saturday morning cartoons went off there was one show all bball fans had to watch…NBA Inside Stuff on NBC hosted by “My Main Man!” Ahmad Rashad.

Before Inside Stuff, I had only known him as the guy who married Claire Huxtable.

Mrs. Huxtible was fly...IJS

Mrs. Huxtable was fly…IJS

He then somehow became Jordan’s BFF and gained incredible access to the NBA and its stars.


He’s become synonymous with the NBA and still gets most of the exclusive interviews, along with his own show during the NBA Finals on NBA TV. It all started with Inside, which he co-hosted with Julie Moran and later Willow Bay.

They would go through the week’s happenings and feature the NBA stars of the time.

Like the previously mentioned Jordan…


A young, pre-NBA draft Shaquille O’Neal…

Nuthuggers and a Venice Beach muscle shirt to play ball…wow…God bless the 90’s

Aside from the great interviews and features, Ahmad also had his week-in-review segment with all of the bloopers and great plays in his “Rewind” recap…

Watching that video, that actually might have been the best week ever. You had a sick MJ move, Shaq broke a basket, Kemp caught Mutumbo slipping, Shaq broke Alonzo Mourning, and there were Bernard King and Orlando Woolridge sightings…that’s rather fantastic.

But the main reason why I watched Inside Stuff was for Jam Session. The best dunks/plays of the week put to music. You could miss the whole show, but there was no way you missed Jam Session…

I could watch these all day…

Wow…Kid n Play…are they still alive???


So on this Throwback Thursday, Tragic Johnson salutes you Inside Stuff!


– N.D. Face



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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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