NBA Playoff Preview – Eastern Conference 2013

nba-playoffs-logoYes! Its playoff time! For NBA fans this is like Christmas. You’ve waited all season for the games to really matter and it all begins Saturday afternoon.

If you’re fortunate, your team is in and you have at least 4 more games to scream and holler at your television.

At the end, you’re hoping your team is lifting the championship trophy and doing hilarious things with champagne in the locker room……cue Chris Bosh….


  (I’m sorry, this will NEVER get old)

Most bball sites are giving you in-depth analysis on each of the playoff match-ups, but honestly, there are some really crappy match-ups, especially in the East. This coming from the guy who watches D-League games. But seriously, who wants to sit and watch the Pacers vs the Hawks???

Unless you watch bball for a living, you don’t have time to watch all of these games. So Tragic Johnson is going to give you the breakdown on the series you should be watching.

Best series to watch in the East? Celtics vs Knicks & Nets vs Bulls

Honeynut Cheerios aside, I think the Celtics have a shot here. KG and Pierce should be fresh and the Knicks haven’t won a series in damn near a decade. I’m not calling an upset, but I think Boston has the experience and coaching to stretch this series out. If Tyson Chandler is not 100% with that bulging disc issue, that spells trouble for NY. They went 12-4 without him, but we all know that the playoffs are a different animal. They need his defense, rebounding, and intensity to make a serious run.

As for Boston, KG and Pierce are the stalwarts, but this needs to be the Jeff Green show. He’s the one guy out on the floor who can match-up with Melo and he’s shown he can go off offensively.

I see him having a monster series and he has to for Boston to have a chance. Plus you hate to bring up the tragedy in Boston, but can you imagine what the atmosphere will be like for that 1st playoff game? Going to be a pretty emotional day and the Celtics should be able to feed off of that energy.

It should be a close series with some good games, but I’m going to go with the Knicks.

My Pick: Knicks in 6

I think you should check in on the Bulls vs Nets series too. That’s going to be an ugly, physical series, but I think it’ll be quite entertaining. Especially with Deron Williams finally looking like the franchise pg the Nets thought they were signing. Not looking forward to the Joe Johnson isolation plays, but if Williams is on his game, the Nets will have a chance to advance.

Bulls fans waiting for Derrick Rose to come back, remind me of Linus waiting on The Great Pumpkin…

I’m shocked people are still asking if this guy is coming back. If he were coming back, he would’ve come back a month ago to test that knee out in competition. So please stop talking about Rose returning.

Even with him out, this series should still be entertaining. The Bulls will play great defense and execute on offense. Jimmy Butler has emerged as a solid NBA player and who doesn’t love watching Nate Robinson. Plus, if you watched the Bulls end the Heat and Knicks winning streaks, you know they are quite formidable at home. Linus and the other Chicago fans will give this team a boost. They’re going to be extremely tough to beat at home. In a series that will come down to defense and execution, I believe the Bulls can do that better than Brooklyn.

This is the only other series in the east worth watching, if you’re looking for good a match-up.

My Pick: Bulls in 7

In the other Eastern Conference series:

Heat in 4 over the Bucks – They’re on a mission

Pacers in 5 over the Hawks – Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……

– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

3 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Preview – Eastern Conference 2013

  1. Well put, buddy. I agree with all your predictions. The Nets are overrated & still lack true perimeter threats. Brooklyn has a shot only due to Noah being out for the series. If he wasnt, I’d say Bulls in 6 for sure. Pacers vs. Hawks may be the most boring series this year. Miami may stapede over the Bucks. Hell, They have a shot at sweeping everyone until the Finals, barring health issues of course.

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