NBA Top 10 Dunks 2012-13


At the end of every regular season, the NBA releases their end of the season Top 10’s.

Top 10 dunks, assists, buzzer-beaters, blocks, JaVale McGee screw-ups….Ok, there’s no list for Javale, but I’m REALLY hoping someone creates one.

There’s a Top 10 video for pretty much everything. I always love the Top 10 Dunks. Usually, there really isn’t much debate. We know from watching highlights on tv and from perusing through YouTube, which dunks were the best from the season. Which is why I was extremely disappointed in the NBA list posted on YouTube a few days ago.

Watch for yourself…..

Not a bad list, but definitely not great. There were some glaring omissions.

Whoever chose these dunks must’ve had a hot date that night and needed to get out of the editing room ASAP. The two Blake dunks were his weakest dunks all season. An off the backboard dunk? Really? WEAK!

The one with the Crawford pass should be on the best assist list, not the best dunks list. WEAK!

Shame on you NBA editors, you must do better. So lets remove the 2 Blake dunks, T-Ross was nice but its gotta go too, and Henderson’s was a throw-in. That’s NOT a dunk!

So here are the Tragic Johnson Replacement Dunks:

Kobe on Josh Smith: Really NBA, this wasn’t top 10 worthy???

JR Smith – How does this not get into the top 10? This was nasty!

T-Ross – I know this dunk didn’t count, but I don’t care. Horrible call by the ref, disgusting dunk by Ross

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – My personal favorite dunk of the year, other than LeBron murdering Jet. This one here is just stank. Dropstep on a big man…ugghhh! This wasn’t top 10 worthy ?!?!?

Let us know what you think about our replacements and if there’s one you think we missed, let us know in the comments section.

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

3 thoughts on “NBA Top 10 Dunks 2012-13

  1. I think the Harrison Barnes & Kidd-Gilchrist dunks should be the top 2. As usual, the NBA drops the ball on the truly best dunks.

      • 6’10 DeAndre Jordan dunked on 6’2 Brandon Knight, who was already in the air hoping to deflect the ball before Jordan caught the alley. 6’7 Kidd-Gilchrist dunked face up on 6’10 Greg Monroe who went up at the same time for a block attempt. Man, everything in the NBA is losing meaning towards everything they award.

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