Fast Break Offense

We are working on some really cool content for the upcoming weeks, our interns have been up all night doing the research for those posts.  Yet I did not want to leave our loyal readers hanging until those posts are ready for release.  Here are a few bite-sized paragraphs about recent basketball news items.

1. Applause for J.R. Smith for putting Jason Terry (the JET) on his back.  Additionally, I think that the league was overly punitive for suspending Smith for one additional game.  The last time that we saw the JET spread out on the floor it was because King James made him kneel before the throne.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, please check out N.D. Face’s brilliant review of the NBA season’s Top 10 dunks in the Jalapenos section.

Smith threw the elbow at the JET to protect himself from the same fate that Russell Westbrook just suffered.  Russell Westbrook was injured by an overly eager Patrick Beverley who was trying to steal the ball from him when Westbrook was obviously getting ready to call a live ball timeout.  To be clear, Beverley did not do anything dirty.  However, it is a law of nature in basketball that an overly eager defender will keep reaching until you either embarrass him or knock him flat on his backside.  Westbrook did not respect the law of nature and Beverley felt comfortable reaching all afternoon until the injury.  Smith was not going to make that same mistake.  I think that you will see a more subdued Jason Terry in his defense against J.R. Smith in Game 5.  Smith’s move was a tough old school move and it was reminiscent of the 1990s Knicks with Mason, Larry Johnson and Patrick Ewing.   JET, you reach and I teach.

2. Krypto-Nate Robinson Hurts Gotham Basketball Nets

It was amazing to watch Nate Robinson have a 23 point quarter against the Brooklyn Nets.  Some of the basketball community may be surprised by his end of game heroics, but those who have been watching him know to expect these eruptions from him.  Nate Robinson is on his 5th team in 8 years. I hope that he has found a home in Chicago.  He is a fan favorite and is instant offense off of the bench.  He has the same inability to distinguish a good shot from a bad one that I wrote about in last week’s post about J.R. Smith.  At $1.1 million per year, he is a steal.  Robinson also forms a part of the infantry of Seattle talent that has marched into the baller universe.  Robinson is one of several current NBA players from Seattle – Jamal Crawford, Spencer Hawes, Brandon Roy, Martell Webster, Terrance Williams and Jason Terry.  In fact, MaxPreps website listed Seattle as the 7th best city for basketball talent in the country, ahead of Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.  Who knew, right?


3. Horrible Bosses

Is Cleveland management that unimaginative that the best candidate that they could find for their head coaching vacancy was Mike Brown?  Didn’t they fire Brown once before?

The answer to both questions is YES!!  Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert did, in fact, fire him in 2010.  I wish my graphic design skills were better because I would superimpose Dan Gilbert’s face over Colin Farrell’s face in the above picture.  This would be like a reunion between Isiah Thomas and the NY Knicks.  Mike Brown and his GM’s inability to surround LeBron James with talent was the proximate cause of “The Decision.” Is Dan Gilbert looking for the “The Decision” Part Deux from his young and gifted point, Kyrie Irving?  Mike Brown might bring this to pass as well.

Cleveland fans, it has been a horrible twenty years with The Shot (Basketball Jesus against the Cavaliers in 1989), The Decision (LeBron James versus the City of Cleveland in 2010) and now the Reunion (Mike Brown comes home).  I hope that you can stomach the next few years of Mike Brown’s excuses in press conferences and marquee free agents refusing Cleveland’s advances in favor of other teams.


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