Deron Williams is AWOL


Hey everybody, I really need your help. An all-star point guard is missing and I’m hoping you all can help me find him.

His name is Deron. He’s 6’3″ 209lbs, kinda stocky, wears #8, and is really light-skinned. Have you seen him?

He plays for the Brooklyn Nets and was last seen getting worked by little Nate “The Great” Robinson and shooting 2 for 11 down the stretch in that epic, triple overtime game. Have any idea where he is?

Nets fans have been wondering where their $100 million PG has been all season. After game 1 of their series with the Bulls, it looked like D-Will had returned. He even did a reverse dunk to show everyone he was healthy.

And like that (poof) he was gone like Keyser Soze…


Since that brilliant 1st game, Brooklyn is -28 with D-Will on the floor. He shot 60% from the floor in game 1,but has only shot 35% since. D-Will, where are you bruh???

Brooklyn is home tonight, down 3-1 in their series facing elimination by the D-Rose-less Bulls. I’ve never seen a team make as many excuses as this Nets team. When is the franchise player going to finally step up and play like a franchise player?

The great ones always find a way to get it done. The great ones seem to always hit the big shot. The great ones rarely complain about coaching schemes and opposing defenses.

To play on the famous phrase that Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in Spiderman “with max contract comes max responsibility”.


It amazes me how players want that max deal, want the endorsements, want to be the face of a franchise, but don’t want the pressure and responsibility that comes with it (see Dwight Howard).

I will be tuned in to see if D-Will shows up and accepts the challenge of leading his team. I’m sure everyone at the Barclays Center will have their eyes open, searching and hoping for the return of their beloved all-star point guard.

He better show up or he’ll be “gone fishing” with Kenny and Chuck.


– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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