Its a Double Flop!!!

When I saw LeBron James and David West pull-off the Double Flop in game 4, I had a similar reaction to Double Rainbow guy.

” A Double Flop…Oh My God…What Does This Mean?!?!?”

It was amazing, stupid, and funny at the same damn time. I was fascinated! If you haven’t seen it yet, peep the video…

Here I am, rewinding with my DVR, emotional and crying. In awe of this foolishness, thinking I’ve seen a once in a lifetime event. So imagine my disappointment when I find out this is not the first double flop in the history of NBA basketball.

Vibe officially killed….

Raja Bell and Manu Ginobilli do The Tango….

Omer Asik and Kyle Korver pull off The Domino…

Kevin Martin and Derek Fisher pull off The Synchronized Flop…the technique is amazing

The flopping is out of hand, but it does make for an interesting drinking game. A shot for every flop…..hmmmm….intriguing indeed.

On 2nd thought, scratch that idea. With all of the flopping in these games, I’m likely to get alcohol poisoning…I’m good.

Hopefully we can get some bball tonight, MINUS The Actor’s Studio.

– N.D. Face

Throwback Thursday: Dee Brown & Reebok Pumps

Remember that? It was one of the more iconic brand moments in sports history.

tumblr_lsdv3l0RH31r2mz4xo1_500Dominique Wilkins was the 1st player to rock the Pumps. It was basically his signature shoe. It was a novelty at the time, being extremely expensive because of the new technology. You didn’t see a lot of dudes in the hood rocking these….Until the 1991 dunk contest.

Boston Celtic rookie Dee Brown, virtually unknown to the basketball public at the time, was getting ready to do his 1st dunk in the contest. I know I was excited to see what the little guy could do. It was a stroke of genius to put that ball down and start pumping up those shoes.

I’m still not sure if he did this on his own or if Reebok encouraged him to do it, but it was an incredible moment in sneaker history. He then followed it up with an impressive dunk. The moment that ball went through the rim, every teenage boy in America thinks if they get Pumps and get a slope fade, they’ll dunk on all of their friends, somehow become quicker, and get that cute girl on the school bus to notice them.

Reebok sold a ton of shoes after this. I hope Brown got a nice bonus, because it was his performance that got the teenage imaginations to run wild, even though I think Shawn Kemp was robbed.

This could’ve turned out a whole lot different though. Could you imagine if he had pumped the shoes up and did this?

I still can’t believe Darrell Armstrong did a layup…damn son. If Brown had done that, Reebok might’ve gone out of business. Who’s paying $200 for shoes to do layups?

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers

So while I’m a Nike guy at heart, we give a Tragic Johnson salute to Dee Brown and the Reebok Pump.

BTW, How the hell did Shawn Kemp not get a 50 on this dunk? This is one of the most underrated dunks in contest history!

You got robbed Reign Man!

– N.D. Face

Joey Bada$$ Strikes Again


Let me make it clear, the officiating was not why the Miami Heat lost game 4 last night. Was it a travesty? Yes, but that’s not the sole reason they lost. They gave up 50% shooting, while only shooting 39%. And they were outrebounded by 19. Hard to win that way.

PRESS_Spurs Joey Crawford (2)As a fan of the NBA though, I’m done with Joey Crawford and his shenanigans. The refs last night were PATHETIC. I love the saying “the best refs are the ones you don’t notice”.

Why do we always notice Mr Crawford? He continuously inserts himself into games and becomes the story.

So today, instead of talking about how great Lance Stephenson played, we’re all focused on the angry, little bald guy, who can’t seem to get the calls right.

These are the biggest games of the season. There’s a trip to The Finals at stake. This is what NBA players work all season for. Then THIS guy steps on the court with his goons and they decide that they’re going to ruin this game for the players and the fans.

This is nothing new. Crawford has a long, documented history of just being a bad official, peep this…

Its amazing, you type in “Joey Crawford” on YouTube and there’s a smorgasbord of video content that you can view.

I honestly don’t understand how he can do things like this and still be a working ref at the highest level. He must have pictures of David Stern butt-naked in a hottub, surrounded by Cabbage Patch Kids.


Everyone misses calls, I get that. But these are just blatantly bad calls and he became the show. He always has 4-5 “Look at me!” moments in the game.

Plus not only are they bad calls, he gets indignant with the bad calls. Its one thing to miss the call, but then you’re going to give me a technical because YOU messed up? No wonder Duncan was laughing.

But seriously, this is the biggest stage for the NBA right now. With the Spurs series being over, this is the only bball on tv. LeBron and the Heat are involved so EVERYONE is watching. This is a fantastic series and I’d hate to see the refs play a major role in deciding the outcome.

Get ya mind right Joey and let ’em play. Aint nobody pay to see you…


– N.D. Face

What Have We Learned: Spurs vs Grizzlies


I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am that the Grizzlies got swept. I had suck high hopes for this series, hell I picked the Grizzlies to win the series for crying outloud! I really thought Memphis had the goods to take the Spurs out.

Memphis had their chances to win games in the series, but just couldn’t execute on either end of the court down the stretch. I’ve never seen a professional team give up so many backdoor layups. You’d think they would’ve figured it out and adjusted to what they were doing. Thank goodness we still have Heat vs Pacers.

So what have we learned about these teams after this sweep?

TPNBA-Playoffs-San-Antonio-Spurs-at-Memphis-Gri-007-1305272307_4_3_rx513_c680x510Tony Parker is Dat Dude…

Its funny, I’ve always been reluctant to give Parker credit for being a 3-time world champion and I’m not alone. When people start naming the best point guards in the nba, you rarely see anyone outside of texas, say he’s the best PG in the league. You’ll hear Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, but I don’t hear Parker’s name brought up like that.

For me, I always devalued him because his supporting cast was outstanding. It wasn’t until 2005 that he really showed his growth as a player, being named the Finals MVP.

He destroyed Memphis in this series. Whether it was off pick & roll or coming off of screens, Parker was unguardable. He got into the paint at will, so Memphis made him a jump shooter, and he made those too. When he wasn’t scoring he was dropping dimes. An incredible performance vs the best defensive team in the league.

Its about time the Basketball world shows this man respect.

That Rudy Gay Trade Was a Bad Idea

We don’t curse on this blog. But if we did, I’d have some choice words for Tayshaun Prince. How bout this, since I can’t curse I’ll get Evelyn Lozada to come in tell y’all how we feel about Tayshaun’s performance…

Yep, that dude was a non-@#$%!& factor the whole series. There were plenty of moments where I was watching the games thinking ‘damn, they manu-ginobili-rudy-gay-dunkcould really use Rudy Gay right now…’.

Conley was  being chased all over the perimeter, running P&R’s and taking dribble handoffs, trying desperately to create something. With him being the only creator, the Spurs loaded up on him. He went against Parker, then the longer defenders Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard. Conely really stepped up his game post-trade, but he can only do so much.

Looking back on how this series went, it would’ve been nice to have Gay on that court. A 6’9″ super athete, who can create his own shot and also hit 3s. Plus down the stretch I’d rather have Gay taking late game shots over Jared Bayless or Quincy Pondexter.

I’m sure the Grizzlies wish they had a do-over with that one.

As customary with a sweep, we leave you with the Turbo “Broom Dance”. Time to get those vaacation plans ready fellas


– N.D. Face

The First 48: “Birdman, Birdman!”


(In my First 48 narrator voice)

For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don’t get a lead in The First 48…..

Friday night….Miami, FL……A 911 call comes in from the American Airlines Arena…..

911: Miami Police, what’s your emergency?

Caller: Goodness gracious, he just killed him! He killed him!

911: Sir who killed who?

Caller: Paul George! He just killed the Birdman! I can’t believe it!

911: Ok we’ll send someone right away!

Police arrive at the arena and find the Birdman……Dead.

Ok, I know that was a bit dramatic, but its been damn near 48 hours since “The Dunk” and I’m still as mesmerized as I was when I first saw it Friday night.

In case you were at a happy hour on Mars and missed it, peep the video below. But I warn you, there’s some graphic images in this video. Watch at your own risk….

That was so filthy and disrespectful. He just did the basketball equivalent of giving dude’s whole family the finger.

Paul George gave you all the dunk of the year in my eyes. Screw LeBron James over Jason “Jet” Terry and yes, it was even better than DeAndre Jordan over Brandon Knight. Yep I said it, better than both of those.

PGWhy, you ask? For starters, he dunked on a legit shot blocker. Birdman isn’t Alonzo Mourning or Dikembe Mutumbo, but he’s a good shot blocker in today’s big man deprived NBA.

Secondly, it wasn’t an alley-oop. No running start for a guy twice the size of his victim to come flying in like a freight train running into a Fiat. Nope, George came from the 3-point line, off the dribble. No surprises. Just me, coming down the lane, you see me, let’s do it!

Thirdly, he blew by LeBron. He left LBJ chillin’ up top and that almost never happens. James is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, one on one defender in the league. But George exploded pass LeBron, planted, and murdered Birdman

Hold on, wait….what? There’s a Phantom version of this dunk? Like to see it, here it go….

This woman’s face says all you need to know about this play….
What a series! Can’t wait to see what happens in Game 3.

– N.D. Face

The Return of the Fresh Prince

Philadelphia 76ers’ minority owner Will Smith made an appearance last week on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show.  Fans of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will love this video as it shows Will Smith and son, Jaden, leading the crowd through the lyrics of the theme song to the show as well as a hilarious reprise of Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) doing his famous dance moves.  This is just a feel good moment and a welcome walk down memory lane.  Enjoy!



Sneakerheads Play Golf Too


Lost in the hoopla of the Tiger Woods/Sergio Garcia spat at The Player’s Championship was Tiger unveiling his new golf kicks.


I bet you’re there saying “Hold up, I thought this was a basketball blog” and it is, but we can’t play bball forever. I’ve begun the transition from putting that orange roundball in the net, to putting that little white ball in the hole. It seems to be the natural evolution of things. Your knees and ankles can only take so much, ask Kobe.


As picky as I am with my bball kicks, I’m equally as choosy with my golf kicks. If I’m going to be out there walking around for 4-5 hours, I need to be comfy and I need to be fly. I loved the TW 13 Free’s and the TW 14 model looks like they’ve taken it up a notch.

Some info from

b7f38ced-0029-477c-bd83-e52c2da83877Through his inspiration, hands-on testing and detailed feedback, Nike Golf has continued to collaborate with Woods on the Nike TW’14, further enhancing fit, feel and function.

The natural motion engineered outsole of the Nike TW’14 is designed to mimic and conform to the innate movement of the foot and still deliver all the protection and traction of a lightweight performance golf shoe. This innovative outsole allows the athlete to keep contact with the ground longer, better harnessing the energy of the foot to the shoe, and therefore, the shoe to the ground.

The new TW’14 footwear stays true to Woods’s signature colors, White, Black and Red. A new colorway of Cool Grey with Vivid Blue and Venom Green accents also will be available.


Its a great shoe and if you golf, I highly recommend you get a pair. But whats even better for my sneakerheads is that for the 1st time ever, Nike is introducing a fully customizable TW 14 iD version.

I think this is absolutely brilliant. People wear a lot of wild colors on the golf course, I’m guessing to distract from their awful swings. So to be able to get a pair of TW’s in any color you could think of is an intriguing proposition and Nike should bank off of this decision.

The Nike TW’14 Black/Reflective Silver-Varsity Red colorway will be available June 7; the Cool Grey/Black-Vivid Blue-Venom Green will be available Aug. 1 (MSRP: $220; MAP/Street: $180).

The Nike TW’14 iD  will be on preview starting May 20 and available June 7 (MSRP: $ 225).

So will my ballers/golfers out there be getting a pair? Or will you jump on the now discounted TW 13’s? Let us know!

– N.D. Face

Throwback Thursday: Larry Johnson


With the Charlotte Bobcats announcing that they’ll be switching over to being the Charlotte Hornets, I was pretty excited about it.

One of my all-time favorite players, Larry Johnson, played for the Hornets back in the early 90’s and that Hornet team with Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, and Mugsy Bouges was one of the most fun to watch of the time.

But LJ was my guy. There were two college teams that shaped me as a player and those were the 1989-91 UNLV teams and The Fab Five from Michigan. If you saw those teams play, you instantly wanted to play just like them. I stayed up late one night to watch UNLV play Long Beach St. and LJ was out there manhandling kids.

A lot of people forget how good LJ was. The #1 pick in the 1991 draft, Johnson was an absolute beast on the court until back injuries and that dumbass “L” sign he did while with the Kinicks derailed his career


How good was Johnson? He was a McDonald’s All-American. Test scores werent right so he went the JUCO route and became the 1st player EVER to be named National JUCO Player of the Year twice. He was a 2x 1st-Team All-American at UNLV, where he won a national championship and was a Greg Anthony (bogus) foul out away from winning back-to-back titles and an undefeated season.

Once he came into the league, his signature part down the middle of his head and that gold toothed smile endeared him to fans.

Then Converse came up with one of the greatest ad campaigns ever, the Grandmama commercials

LJ and Grandmama became a household name and he went on to win the rookie of the year. He followed that up by being an all-star starter and was a 2nd team all-nba selection. Charlotte chose to sign him to a 12-year $84 million dollar deal before 93-94 season. Sounds like crap now, but in 1993, that was the richest contract in NBA history.

Then in December of that season, Johnson hurt his back and missed over 30 games. He was never the same player after that. His explosiveness gone, LJ had to adapt and he developed into a pretty good 3-point shooter. But that guy who would dunk on anybody and flash that gold tooth was gone.

And before I forget, LJ was involved in one of the funniest fights in basketball history. Yeah we know about him and Zo, but did you know about UNLV vs Arkansas? LJ vs Todd Day? Throwback Thursday….enjoy!

C’mon Todd Day….you ain’t want none!

– N.D. Face

From WMD to Pandemic, it is still the same weak dope…

On Tuesday, weeks of speculation regarding the potential name change of the Charlotte Bobcats came to an end when Michael Jordan announced that the Charlotte Bobcats would begin the process of renaming the franchise to the old name of the Charlotte Hornets.  The Bobcats believe in this decision so strongly that it will cost them nearly $4 million to complete this task.  The basketball team in Charlotte played under the nickname of the Hornets from the franchise’s creation in 1988 until its departure for New Orleans in 2002.  In 1988, both the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Hornets entered the NBA as expansion teams.  The Charlotte Hornets have had some brilliant moments culminating in Alonzo Mourning’s 1993 NBA Playoffs Game 4 jump shot that ended Hall of Famer Kevin McHale’s career.  The Charlotte community loved those Hornets.  In fact, those Hornets had over 8 years’ worth of consecutively sold-out games, which is an unbelievable record considering that their best players were Dell Curry, Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson (the NBA’s first cross-dressing power forward as Converse’s Grandmama), Kendall Gill, and Glen Rice.  All of them were elite NBA players at various points in their careers, but none of them are first-ballot Hall of Famers.  To be truthful, Mourning is not eligible for induction in the Hall of Fame until next year, but I would not expect him to make it the first year that he is eligible.  Charlotte was clearly a loyal fan base.  Somehow, the owners of the team managed to turn this mountain of gold into a pile of sand.  Attendance began declining as the fan base began to fall out of love with the ownership.  The then-current owners of the team, Ray Woolridge and George Shinn, claimed to be losing money to the tune of $15-$20 Million per year as attendance declined.  Things hit rock bottom when the voter referendum for finance for a new arena was rejected by the citizens of the Great State of North Carolina.  Despite the team’s departure from Charlotte, the name “Hornets” still has a lot of goodwill in Charlotte.

However, you can tell that this is clearly a “Hail Mary” strategy from Michael Jordan and the leadership of the Charlotte franchise.  It is all about the quality of the product and not what you call it.  Or is it?  For those of you who are fans of the Wire, Stringer Bell of the Barksdale Crew found himself in precisely the same position in Season 3.  Family capo Avon Barksdale was locked up and the Crew’s dope and coke connect started serving them a weak supply.  Dope fiends in The Wire’s Baltimore west side started wandering across town for that fire from Eastside dealer Prop Joe.   Bell, realizing that he was unable to do anything to improve the quality of his product, decides to change the street name from “WMD” to “Pandemic.”  It was a short-term fix, but certainly caused a few fiends to invest their daily blast money into more poor quality product from the Barksdale Crew.

With the #4 spot in this year’s draft and no elite players on the roster for next year, the Bobcats certainly need something to distract the fan base from the current state of affairs.  To be fair, there is certainly some young talent with Gerald Henderson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kemba Walker, yet this team is still years away from relevance.  Jordan could be trying this renaming strategy to buy some time until he is able to get a parting gift from Commissioner David Stern and the NBA owners that Jordan made rich over the course of his career.  What gift do you give a man that already has everything?  The #1 draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Andrew Wiggins.  Sound crazy? I don’t know.  N.D. Face thinks that it is a distinct possibility and I agree with him.


Heat vs Pacers: Eastern Conference Finals


When I think back to last season’s series between the Pacers and Heat, the image of Udonis Haslem taking out Tyler Hansborough in retaliation for his hard foul on Dwyane Wade sticks out. Psycho T went HAM on D-Wade’s head and drew blood.

0523heat2This foul and Haslem’s revenge signified an extremely physical, hard-fought series between the two teams.

Wade was struggling last year, having some of his worst playoff games of his career. Even arguing with Coach Erik Spolestra on the sidelines during a loss in Indiana. Maybe that was the moment that sparked him, but from that game on, Wade played like the guy who Shaq nicknamed Flash.

Lost in the struggles of Wade was LeBron James’ brilliance. In game 4, LBJ had a 40 point, 18 rebound, 9 assist game on the road with his team down 2-1. No one in NBA history, other than Wilt, ever had a game like that.

But its a new year and I think both teams are better than they were last year. The Heat added Ray Allen, Chris Bosh is healthy this time around, Norris Cole has improved immensely, and they’ve added Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

The Pacers don’t have Danny Granger, but Paul George has grown immensely as a player, Lance Stephenson has emerged as someone the Heat must pay attention to, and we now know how important George Hill is to everything the Pacers do on both ends.

Key questions for me in the series:

1. How hobbled is Wade? If Wade is severely hobbled and is unable to be effective, that puts a strain on Miami. But Bosh is there to help pick up the slack. I think Bosh is in line for a huge series and they’ll need it even more if Wade can’t resemble his normal self. Wade’s health is a big question mark.


2. How will the Heat handle the Pacer bigs? Indiana is the best rebounding team so far in the playoffs, Miami is one of the worst. If the Pacers can dominate the boards, they’re in good shape. Miami is going to get out rebounded in this series, but if its only by 7-9 rebounds, they’re ok.

Indiana’s bigs are extremely skilled. If the Heat go small, I’m looking for the Pacers to go to David West a lot. The Pacer guards must be patient and make crisp passes when Miami inevitably begins to front the post. Indy is the worst team in the playoffs when it comes to turnovers. Turn it over vs Miami and its dunk city. The openings will be there and they’ll need to be sharp to capitalize on them.

3. How much of a difference does having Bosh make? Before Bosh got hurt in game 1 last year, he had 13 points and 5 rebounds in 16 minutes of action. His ability to stretch the floor was sorely missed once he went out with that abdominal injury. He’s back and had a pretty good series vs the Chicago Bulls. How will the Pacers play him on P&R? Are they going to give him that 15-18 ft jumper? Is Hibbert or West going to guard him? Bosh creates so many openings and you have to believe that Indiana will live with him shooting jumpers, rather than having Wade and James living in the paint. So look for Bosh to have a great series.

I love this match-up and I think every game will be relatively close, but I don’t think Indiana has the firepower to win 4 games vs Miami.

Miami’s shooters and Bosh show up to help LeBron and the Heat take it in 5 physical, fun games.

What do you all think?

– N.D. Face