Hip Hop Crooners III


I remember the first time I ever heard Cee Lo on a track. It was on Outkast’s 1st album “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” from 1994.

The song was “Git Up, Git Out” and Cee Lo had the 1st verse. “I don’t recall, ever graduatin’ at all. Sometimes I feel I’m just a disappointment to y’all“. To this day, I still have that verse memorized.

The next time I heard him, I was watching Rap City on BET and saw the video for “Cell Therapy” by Goodie MOB. Once again, Cee Lo had another standout verse. I couldn’t wait for their debut album “Soul Food”.


If you’ve never heard this album, shame on you!

It was here that we got our 1st taste of Cee Lo the Hip Hop Crooner. It was the opening track, an interlude entitled “Free” and was the perfect way to start this album….

Who would’ve known that from there, he’d team with Danger Mouse and form the critically acclaimed group Gnarls Barkley and release the hit single “Crazy”


Then completely blow up with “F*ck You” from his album “Lady Killer”. My personal fave is “Bodies”. Incredible song equally incredible video….

I personally love his album, love that he’s branching out artistically, and love that he’s doing big things with his new found fame, can’t knock his hustle. But I’m hoping that the rumors of a Goodie Mob reunion album dropping this year are true.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting Cee Lo to go back to his roots and bless the mic with a verse or two for old times sake.

– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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