Stop ya Bloodclot Cryin’


How fun has it been to watch the Nuggets/Warriors series? If you paid any attention to our Western Conference Playoff Preview, we told you this was one of the series you needed to watch.

It hasn’t disappointed on the court, but off the court is a different matter.

After Denver flexed their muscle in game 5, Warriors star Steph Curry and his coach, Mark Jackson, decided to take their gripes about what they considered “dirty plays” to the media.

C’mon Coach, are you serious? I understand you want to protect your star, but do you really think those were dirty plays? Kurt Rambis is watching this and wants to slap you both…

Now that’s a dirty play….

The physical play clearly frustrated Curry, as he even got into a verbal altercation with a fan while leaving the court.

Not sure what the Warriors were expecting. Its the playoffs!!! Denver is fighting for their playoff lives. You can’t allow a guy to light you up and feel comfortable out there. I thought it was an excellent strategy and one I was surprised it took Denver falling behind 3-1 to use.

The game plan is 2 parts and is pretty simple. 1) Make Curry work on defense. Run him off multiple pick and rolls. If he switches on to a big, go straight to the post. Even if you don’t get it, he has to expend energy fighting that big guy inside.

2) When he’s on offense playing the point, pressure him fullcourt. If he’s off the ball, you bump him every chance you get. You can’t allow a great scorer to get where ever he wants on the court.

So the new gameplan has Curry and Jackson upset, but they better get over it quickly if they want to close out this series.

crying in baseball

I’m reminded of that scene from “A League of Their Own” when the coach yells at his player, “there’s no crying in baseball!”.

Curry and Jackson need to learn that there’s definitely no crying in playoff basketball.

– N.D. Face

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