With No Regard For Human Life….


If you’re like me and GPA Baller, you’re glued into the NBA Playoffs. The games are so intense and the players are playing ball at the highest possible level.

There’s 4 games tonight on the ESPN family of networks and other than Hawks/Pacers, I’ll be tuned in to each of them.

One of the things that gets overlooked are the announcers/analyst who call the games. There are some great ones who add knowledge and excitement to the telecast. When great moments occur, its amplified if you have a good team in the booth.

I’ve always thought being an NBA announcer/analyst would be the perfect job, but its got to be hard not to react like a fan when something amazing happens.

Take the LeBron over Terry dunk. Had I been in the booth when this happened, I probably would’ve lost my job and been fined by the FCC….

Props to Mike Tirico, that “Jaaaaaaaammmmmeeessss!!!!” was minimal but on point.

Tirico has been fortunate to be around for a few great plays, like that monster jam from Baron Davis over AK47 in2007. Again, another great call and another moment where I would’ve lost my job.

But there are others who I enjoy watching. Tirico is a “in the moment” guy, Kevin Harlan has a couple of catch-phrases we all know and love. None better than the title of this post….

Same call, different dunk….

2 amazing dunks, enhanced by the call. How do you not curse after seeing those two plays? Just seeing those plays makes me want to type curse words, but that’s a technical foul on Tragic Johnson and I’m not Rasheed.

The great calls don’t stop on the pro level. Have you ever watched Gus Johnson or Bill Rafferty call college games?

One of the best calls of a dunk ever, was Rafferty’s on this monster slam by Jerome Lane…”Send it in Jerome!!!”

Gus Johnson could be calling a middle school hoops game and I’d watch it…..

I must also show love to Stacy King who calls all of the Chicago Bulls games. If you have league pass and haven’t heard King call a game, here’s a taste of what you get…

That is phenomenal! “Did you not get the memo???” what a fantastic call. Whether you care for the Bulls or not, that dunk was stank and the call was hilarious.

And finally, we can’t leave without showing some love to the King, Marv Albert and his booth mates Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller…

Yes, I cursed after watching both of those, sorry Mom.

So we’re reaching out to Tragic Johnson Nation. What are some of your favorite moments? Post your links and/or comments below.

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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