We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People

lbj 4 mvp

LeBron James won his 4th MVP award over the weekend, but that was expected. This was one of the easiest decisions to make. I could sit here and spout out the numbers, but I don’t want to bore you.

The main question this year was would LeBron win it unanimously. He came 1 vote shy, 120 out of 121 1st place votes went his way. There was one lone soul who felt that someone was more deserving of the MVP award than LBJ. When it was announced that one person hadn’t voted for LBJ, the search began for the scoundrel who had the audacity (Stephen A. Smith voice) to not vote for King James. Who is Fred Hickman circa 2013?

Well, we now know who he is. His name is Gary Washburn and he writes for the Boston Globe. He actually voted for Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo??? Really???


He explains his reasoning in a column and he’s on a lot of sports talk shows today, further explaining his reasoning.

He says it wasn’t a vendetta and he wasn’t trying to prevent LeBron from being the 1st unanimous MVP, but I’m not buying it.

His reasoning is sound, he says that the award should go to the guy who’s the Most Valuable to their and not just the best player in the league. He feels that if you take LBJ off the Heat they’d still be a playoff team. Whereas if you take Melo off of the Knicks, they’d most likely be a lottery team….

I understand the logic but I don’t understand the choice. Last time I checked, Melo is playing with the current 6th Man of the Year JR Smith, last season’s Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler, future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd, and former all-star Raymond Felton. That’s not exactly the Charlotte Bobcats.

I’m not bothered that he didn’t vote for LeBron, its that he chose Melo which makes me incredulous. If you’re going to vote for the player who was the most valuable to their team and its NOT LeBron, don’t you have to vote for Kobe Bryant or Chris Paul? Had he voted for Kobe or CP3, I would’ve had more respect for his decision, but you voted for Melo???

skeptical African child

I don’t think any other players in the NBA do more for their teams than Kobe and LeBron. LeBron scored or assisted on 43.9% of the Heat’s baskets this year and Kobe was right around 38%, averaging a career high 6 assists. Meanwhile, the one-dimensional Melo averaged a whopping 2.6 assists…we don’t believe you!

Additionally, LBJ and Kobe bring an element defensively that Melo just doesn’t and will never bring to a game.

The choice just doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry Gary….


– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

3 thoughts on “We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People

  1. Washburnt-in-the-head is full of it, but its still not as big as Marc Gasol being DPOY. ND Face, Im waiting for that topic to be brought up. Especially when he doesnt even make All-defensive 2nd team. Wait for it.

  2. Washburn’s explanation is weeeeaaaakkkkk. Especially when he picks a guy that spent part of the season hogging the ball and had to be coaxed to share that orange so the Knicks could finally get something good going. 120 got it right and 1 outed himself as a heat hater…..

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