Hump Day


Although many of us had NBA dreams, how many of you actually want to be Kris Humphries?  If it means having to pose in these size Smedium clothes, then I say “ABSOLUTELY NOT.”  It has been a rough two years for the NBA power forward.  Ever since his feeble attempt to become the 2nd underachieving professional basketball player in the Kardashian TV empire, he has been a lighting rod for fan abuse in NBA arenas nationwide.   His season got off to a great start with a really clever Footlocker commercial featuring James Harden.

The season ended with him losing out on a massive payday when a judge awarded him nothing and finalized the long-pending divorce between him and his ex-wife, Kim.  But, but, wait it gets worse…. Tragic Johnson favorite, Nate Robinson, undressed him in the thrilling series that ended last week between Brooklyn & Chicago.

This was a fitting ending to a season where GM Billy King placed his job in further jeopardy by giving Hump a 2 year, $24M contract.  No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  What does $12 M buy you from a NBA power forward in Brooklyn?  The answer is 5.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game.

Highly paid players usually make a name for themselves on the big stage — Boston Garden, the Staples Center, the United Center, and Madison Square Garden.  They can deliver when the stage is the biggest and the lights are the brightest.  Let’s look at Hump in MSG in the 2011-2012 season and you will see why Billy King opened his checkbook.

Ooops, wrong video.  I am going to have to yell out the intern for that one.  A sick facial on Hump.

MSG was not kind to Hump last season.  Let’s see the warm welcome that the Celtic faithful gave him in Boston.

Rajon Rondo is obviously not a Kardashian fan.  Thankfully, Hump got to play some home games this season.  Certainly, he could get a chance to shine against the Lakers when Kobe came to town.

Hmm…I never thought that I would see the Celtics and Lakers agree on something.  They agreed that Hump is on the court for abuse.

Humphries has all summer to figure out how to get himself back on track and avoid being picked on by Tragic Johnson again next season.  NYC readers look for him in the city nightclubs as he may be out drowning his sorrows.  If you do happen to see him, run straight to the DJ and ask him to play a hot Kanye track.


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