All By Myself….

I’ll give you a minute to watch the video above before I get started….gotta thank my pops for introducing me to old school music. People don’t sing like Teddy P anymore….Classic


This song came to mind last night while I was watching the Thunder/Grizzlies game. Kevin Durant is indeed, all by himself right now. We now see how truly hard it is to be your team’s best scorer, rebounder, and assist guy, all while playing more minutes than anyone else on either team. You have to truly be prepared physically and mentally to be the one and only guy for a team.

No one wins a championship alone. Some of the great ones have tried and they’ve ALL failed. Without Westbrook, KD looks like Jordan pre-Pippen, Kobe post-Shaq/pre-Gasol, and LeBron pre-SoBe. You can win some games, but until you get great teammates around you, you’re going to have a hard time winning a series, let alone winning it all.

The amount of energy it takes to carry a team on those boney shoulders is starting to take a toll.

Game 3 KD had 2 points in the 4th qtr and last night he had 5 total points in the 4th qtr/OT. He’s running on fumes late in these games down the stretch. But give Memphis some credit, their defense is a big reason why he’s losing steam late in these games.


It would be nice if they had a guy who they could throw it to in the post, but have you seen Kendrick Perkins make a post move? Its slower than MJ in the “Frozen Moment” commercial. Ibaka is basically a spot up shooter at this point in his career, so the post for OKC is out.

On the perimeter, Reggie Jackson has emerged as a really nice player. A guy who they’ll want to keep around for a while, but he’s not capable of carrying the offense for long stretches. Kevin Martin, while a great shooter, doesn’t really create for himself.

So again, KD is singing Alllll Byyyy Myyyyyseeeeellllllffff. BTW I’d love to hear Jalen Rose sing this on NBA Countdown, that would be classic.

The one bright spot for Thunder fans is that KD’s game has been forced to evolve. He’s doing things on the court we knew he had the potential to do, but with Westbrook out, he has to do them. It’s tough to watch them lose, but its refreshing to see him step up and take on all of the responsibility of a true superstar.

So what’s next for KD? As with all great scorers, it’s time to develop a postgame. He can’t continue to try and attack good defensive teams off the dribble the whole game. It takes too much energy to try to beat multiple defenders like Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen off the bounce. He must develop a postgame, even if it’s just the midpost, where he can catch it and be in a position to make 1 move and score.

From there, he’ll begin to get easier shot opportunities. He’s 7 ft tall, in that midpost area he just has to rise and shoot over a guy like Allen. He’ll also see new passing angles that will allow him to set up his teammates better. Add that to the rest of his offensive game and it’ll allow him to be more efficient and even harder to guard than he already is.

Unfortunately, you can’t develop teammates and a postgame in the next 24 or so hours.

Their season will probably come to an end soon and KD will be in the lockerroom singing at the top of his lungs….


Alllllll Byyyyyy Myyyyyyseeeeelllllffffff!!!!!

– N.D. face

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