Andrew Wiggins Kansas Bound


Unless you follow high school and college hoops, you’re probably asking “who is Andrew Wiggins and why is he all over my twitter feed?”.

I could tell you that he’s the #1 rated high school player in the country. He’s considered the best amateur player in the world. I could reel off a bunch of stats and stuff, but I think its better that I show you, rather than tell you. Peep this video courtesy of…

Needless to say this kid is a freakish athlete. I’ve watched him play numerous times and he has the quickest 2nd and 3rd jump I’ve ever seen. But if you hear anyone compare him to LeBron James in anything other than athleticism, please slap them, because that’s where the comparisons stop.

I think some of these rankings of high school players are a bit overblown. When I’m thinking ‘who is the best high school player?’, I’m not thinking NBA potential. I’m thinking of who is actually the best player. Not the most athletic, not the most pro potential.

My thinking is more along the lines of ‘if I had an NCAA tournament game to play tomorrow, which high school player would I want on my team?’. I love the kid, but it wouldn’t be Wiggins. As explosive as he is, his game needs a ton of a work. Needs to tighten up that jumper and handle, develop a midrange pullup, and find another move to go with that spin move he loves so much. But he’ll get there, he’s going to be REALLY good.

But if I need to win an NCAA game tomorrow, I’m looking at Jabari Parker or Julius Randle. I think both of these guys are ready to step on a college campus and win games.

Parker, 6’9″220, needs to hit that weightroom, but he has one of the most complete offensive games I’ve ever seen for a high schooler. Plus he’s a lot more athletic than he gets credit for. Hell, anyone looks un-athletic next to this freak Wiggins. Duke is a perfect place for him where he can play that stretch 4 and show his versatility. Video courtesy of…

Randle is a grown-ass man at 6’9″ and a chiseled 225. He has a serious motor. The kid can go and he just attacks the basket. Like Wiggins, that jumper needs work but he’s so strong, he’ll be able to get to the rack 1st day on campus at Kentucky. I feel bad for Alex Poythress. He better come to camp ready to hoop or he won’t see the floor with this kid around. Video courtesy of…

This is not to bash Wiggins. I love his potential. The ceiling for this guy is unreal. If he ever develops all of the skills to go with his athleticism, lookout!

I actually think he made a wise choice going to Kansas. Bill Self’s offensive and defensive philosophies will help Wiggins become a more complete player in his probable 1 lone season in college.Plus his big brother Nick will be in his senior year over at Wichita St, so I’m sure that played a role too.

Now that we know where Wiggins will be, my calendar is marked. November 12, Duke vs Kansas, United Center in Chicago, Wiggins vs Parker. Let’s get ready to rumble!

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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