Killer Crossover

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

NIKE has made an interesting crossover move to attract fans of the world’s #1 sport, the beautiful game — soccer or football (in England) or futbol (in the Spanish world) to its basketball footwear business.  The Kobe VIII shoe’s latest color scheme mirrors the look of NIKE’s top-tier football boot, the Mercurial Vapor — the boot on the right in the picture.  As you know, the football boot is a cleat, so it cannot be worn off the football pitch.  However, basketball footwear can be worn on and off-court and this is one of the major reasons why footwear sales in basketball reach gargantuan levels.  Through the new Kobe VIII, football fans can celebrate their love for their favorite football boot at any time.  Further, it fits what we know about Kobe as well, seen below on a soccer pitch, as he loves football.

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

Let’s hope that the next crossover Kobe shoe is not one that is meant to match Kobe’s outfits in the picture below.  What was he thinking here?  Too bad, he is not playing this offseason.  He could have taken bad fashion to new depths by wearing these outfits to the Lakers’ post-game press conferences.


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