What Have We Learned: Knicks vs Pacers

Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks - Game Five

Knicks and Pacers face off tonight in what could be a “Gon’ Fishing” game for New York.

5 games in and other than game 1, all of the games have been double-digit wins. No real nailbiters as with some of the other series.Having a 5 game sample size has allowed me to take some notes and figure some things out. Some of these things we already sort of knew prior to this series and others are eye-opening.

So what have we learned so far….

George-Hill George Hill is REALLY Important.

I’ve always liked his game, but never did I think on a team with Paul George, David West, and Roy Hibbert he’d be the most critical piece to their success vs the Knicks.

Upon further inspection of the stats, the numbers bear this out. Indiana averages fewer points, assists, and give up more points when Hill is out of the lineup.You never know how key someone is until they’re out.

He was truly missed in Game 5. Indiana never got into any kind of flow offensively and with him questionable for tonight’s game, the Pacers will need Paul George to step up on the playmaking.


Carmelo Anthony is One Dimensional as HellNBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets

Yeah most of us knew this already, but Melo/Knick fans have been screaming from the mountaintops that he’s one of the best players in the league. Some even saying he’s the MVP.

No doubt, he’s the best scorer in the game. But when your superstar, franchise player has 6 total assists in 5 games something is wrong. I’m wondering if there’s ever a time where he thinks “tonight, let me get these other guys involved 1st, then go get mine”.

At some point, he’s got to be willing to dish off the rock. It’ll open the game up later for him to go into Melo Mode



A Rookie is Still a Rookie, Even if They Save Your Season

Yep, you just had a Podium Game, but make sure you take that Disney Princess bookbag with you Rook!

Where has Chris Copeland been during the playoffs? He almost matched his entire playoff output in that game 5 (13 v 15). Not sure if you can count on his production, but his ability to stretch the floor will be invaluable from this point on.

Now you see why Miami struggled so much with Bosh out vs this Pacers team last season. Chandler isn’t going to hurt you with a jumper off the pick & roll. I think Amare could be somewhat effective, but he’s rusty and his range is limited.

Copeland is the perfect antidote for this matchup. Now West/Hibbert have to make a decision. 8 times out of 10, Copeland is going to be open. He just has to hit the shot.

He’ll get his chances because Indy is not going to allow Melo and JR Smith to get in that paint…no pressure Rook.

It’s a real toss-up game and it really comes down to whether NY hits shots or not. They’ve gotten the same shots they’ve gotten all series, they just happened to hit them in game 5.

I think they find a glimpse of that ball movement they had during the regular season and get going early. We’re finally going to get a game that goes down to the wire and I’m giving the edge to the Knicks.

See you for Game 7 in The Garden!

– N.D. Face

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