Sneakerheads Play Golf Too


Lost in the hoopla of the Tiger Woods/Sergio Garcia spat at The Player’s Championship was Tiger unveiling his new golf kicks.


I bet you’re there saying “Hold up, I thought this was a basketball blog” and it is, but we can’t play bball forever. I’ve begun the transition from putting that orange roundball in the net, to putting that little white ball in the hole. It seems to be the natural evolution of things. Your knees and ankles can only take so much, ask Kobe.


As picky as I am with my bball kicks, I’m equally as choosy with my golf kicks. If I’m going to be out there walking around for 4-5 hours, I need to be comfy and I need to be fly. I loved the TW 13 Free’s and the TW 14 model looks like they’ve taken it up a notch.

Some info from

b7f38ced-0029-477c-bd83-e52c2da83877Through his inspiration, hands-on testing and detailed feedback, Nike Golf has continued to collaborate with Woods on the Nike TW’14, further enhancing fit, feel and function.

The natural motion engineered outsole of the Nike TW’14 is designed to mimic and conform to the innate movement of the foot and still deliver all the protection and traction of a lightweight performance golf shoe. This innovative outsole allows the athlete to keep contact with the ground longer, better harnessing the energy of the foot to the shoe, and therefore, the shoe to the ground.

The new TW’14 footwear stays true to Woods’s signature colors, White, Black and Red. A new colorway of Cool Grey with Vivid Blue and Venom Green accents also will be available.


Its a great shoe and if you golf, I highly recommend you get a pair. But whats even better for my sneakerheads is that for the 1st time ever, Nike is introducing a fully customizable TW 14 iD version.

I think this is absolutely brilliant. People wear a lot of wild colors on the golf course, I’m guessing to distract from their awful swings. So to be able to get a pair of TW’s in any color you could think of is an intriguing proposition and Nike should bank off of this decision.

The Nike TW’14 Black/Reflective Silver-Varsity Red colorway will be available June 7; the Cool Grey/Black-Vivid Blue-Venom Green will be available Aug. 1 (MSRP: $220; MAP/Street: $180).

The Nike TW’14 iD  will be on preview starting May 20 and available June 7 (MSRP: $ 225).

So will my ballers/golfers out there be getting a pair? Or will you jump on the now discounted TW 13’s? Let us know!

– N.D. Face

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