Joey Bada$$ Strikes Again


Let me make it clear, the officiating was not why the Miami Heat lost game 4 last night. Was it a travesty? Yes, but that’s not the sole reason they lost. They gave up 50% shooting, while only shooting 39%. And they were outrebounded by 19. Hard to win that way.

PRESS_Spurs Joey Crawford (2)As a fan of the NBA though, I’m done with Joey Crawford and his shenanigans. The refs last night were PATHETIC. I love the saying “the best refs are the ones you don’t notice”.

Why do we always notice Mr Crawford? He continuously inserts himself into games and becomes the story.

So today, instead of talking about how great Lance Stephenson played, we’re all focused on the angry, little bald guy, who can’t seem to get the calls right.

These are the biggest games of the season. There’s a trip to The Finals at stake. This is what NBA players work all season for. Then THIS guy steps on the court with his goons and they decide that they’re going to ruin this game for the players and the fans.

This is nothing new. Crawford has a long, documented history of just being a bad official, peep this…

Its amazing, you type in “Joey Crawford” on YouTube and there’s a smorgasbord of video content that you can view.

I honestly don’t understand how he can do things like this and still be a working ref at the highest level. He must have pictures of David Stern butt-naked in a hottub, surrounded by Cabbage Patch Kids.


Everyone misses calls, I get that. But these are just blatantly bad calls and he became the show. He always has 4-5 “Look at me!” moments in the game.

Plus not only are they bad calls, he gets indignant with the bad calls. Its one thing to miss the call, but then you’re going to give me a technical because YOU messed up? No wonder Duncan was laughing.

But seriously, this is the biggest stage for the NBA right now. With the Spurs series being over, this is the only bball on tv. LeBron and the Heat are involved so EVERYONE is watching. This is a fantastic series and I’d hate to see the refs play a major role in deciding the outcome.

Get ya mind right Joey and let ’em play. Aint nobody pay to see you…


– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

8 thoughts on “Joey Bada$$ Strikes Again

  1. The only NBA-affiliated person I despise more than commissioner David Stern is referee Joey Crawford. I’m convinced they must be brokeback butt buddies to justify how Crawford is still employed & paid as a “top ref”. One year from now on the day of Stern’s official retirement, not only will I throw a party but I will be anxiously hoping for Crawford to follow shortly. Perhaps they’ll they’ll just chose to elope together and vanish like Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle at the end of Dark Knight Rises.

      • What is wrong with you, ND?!? Its been out on DVD for months. Pay a visit to RedBox or Netflix or something. Hell, I’ll bring it by & watch it with you. You’re slackin’ buddy. LOL

  2. The worst part of it is the NBA LOVES him. The sports media talks him up too. He is the NBA’s enforcer and gets called in to get a series “back on track” especially after games that teams start to get a little too physical. I don’t mind him showing a little personality but he’s gotta get the calls right. They all do. If they can’t get it right on the biggest stage they should consider a new career.


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