Throwback Thursday: Dee Brown & Reebok Pumps

Remember that? It was one of the more iconic brand moments in sports history.

tumblr_lsdv3l0RH31r2mz4xo1_500Dominique Wilkins was the 1st player to rock the Pumps. It was basically his signature shoe. It was a novelty at the time, being extremely expensive because of the new technology. You didn’t see a lot of dudes in the hood rocking these….Until the 1991 dunk contest.

Boston Celtic rookie Dee Brown, virtually unknown to the basketball public at the time, was getting ready to do his 1st dunk in the contest. I know I was excited to see what the little guy could do. It was a stroke of genius to put that ball down and start pumping up those shoes.

I’m still not sure if he did this on his own or if Reebok encouraged him to do it, but it was an incredible moment in sneaker history. He then followed it up with an impressive dunk. The moment that ball went through the rim, every teenage boy in America thinks if they get Pumps and get a slope fade, they’ll dunk on all of their friends, somehow become quicker, and get that cute girl on the school bus to notice them.

Reebok sold a ton of shoes after this. I hope Brown got a nice bonus, because it was his performance that got the teenage imaginations to run wild, even though I think Shawn Kemp was robbed.

This could’ve turned out a whole lot different though. Could you imagine if he had pumped the shoes up and did this?

I still can’t believe Darrell Armstrong did a layup…damn son. If Brown had done that, Reebok might’ve gone out of business. Who’s paying $200 for shoes to do layups?

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers

So while I’m a Nike guy at heart, we give a Tragic Johnson salute to Dee Brown and the Reebok Pump.

BTW, How the hell did Shawn Kemp not get a 50 on this dunk? This is one of the most underrated dunks in contest history!

You got robbed Reign Man!

– N.D. Face

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