Brooklyn Did What???


And you thought Cleveland taking Anthony Bennett 1st overall was the craziest move of the night.

Somewhere in between a couple of Bill Simmons’s dry jokes and David Stern doing his best evil wrestler impersonation, Billy King pulled off a humongous trade. He picked up Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry while not having to give up Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, or Deron Williams.

The Nets got 2 declining, but sure-fire hall of famers and gave up 5 players, plus 3 1st round drafts picks in 2014, ’16, and ’18. The future is now for Brooklyn and I’m not sure if this was a good move or bad move. Bare with me while I sort all of this out on my keyboard.

As far as Boston is concerned, its obvious what they’re doing. The ‘Tank for Wiggins’ campaign began when they let Doc Rivers go. It kicked into full gear last night. The Big 3 era is officially over in Beantown, let the rebuilding begin.

That loud dud you heard was Boston fans passing out when they heard about the deal.


“Oh Lawd, they done traded KG and The Truth..”

Rondo and Celtic fans must be on suicide watch right now. Rondo has no one to play with. Amazingly it was just a year ago, this team had a 3-2 lead on the Miami Heat, with a closeout game at home. Then LeBron made that angry face…no not that one, this one….and forced game 7, where Bosh found out he could hit 3’s. Ray-Ray left, they lose in the 1st round to the Knicks, and now its all over.

But back to Brooklyn. This is like watching the World Series of Poker and seeing a guy go all in, when he only has an 11% chance to win the hand. He’s going for broke and you’re at home screaming “WTF are you doing?!?!”. But in poker, you never know which card the dealer is going to flip over. It could be the one card you need to win.

Billy King just went all in with a crappy hand and he’s hoping for a miracle on the flip.

On paper, the roster actually works well. Lopez is the low post threat. KG is still long and can hit that midrange J at the 4 and D-Will started showing signs late last year that he can still be the guy I had rated as the top PG in the league for a time. Pierce and Johnson are very good scorers on the wing. You still have Blatche and Watson coming of the bench. It looks good, but that’s on paper…

In reality, KG and Pierce are long past their primes. They can still be effective, but the days of KG dominating a game defensively are over. The days of Paul Pierce carrying a team offensively for an entire game, are done. They can be great in spurts, but is that good enough to beat Miami?

Plus Joe Johnson seems like he can’t play ball without dribbling for 15 seconds before he shoots. Everything comes to a screeching halt when the ball hits his hands. Good luck to Jason Kidd trying to get him out of that habit and finding ways to keep everyone happy and involved.

So while I don’t believe this move makes them a true contender, it had to be done. I’d take an old KG and Pierce over Gerald Wallace and Kris Kardashian any day. They can still play and they’re veterans who’ll bring a sense of urgency and confidence that was sorely missing from the Nets last season. I don’t see a team with KG and Pierce allowing the short-handed Bulls to win a game 7 in Brooklyn.

So what do you all think? Nets contenders or pretenders?

– N.D. Face

Open Letter to the Los Angeles Lakers

Dear Jim Buss and other members of the Lakers leadership:

As a loyal Lakers’ fan of well over 25 years, I am increasingly worried about the rumors coming out of the Staples Center about the Lakers’ thoughts regarding Dwight Howard.  Dwight Howard will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1.  This letter is my feeble attempt to try to pump some steel in the spine of Lakers’ management.  Unlike most of the rest of the NBA franchises, the Lakers are on most players’ wish list when eligible for the NBA draft or free agency.  In fact, there is not a long track record of coveted free agents leaving Los Angeles, the last one that I could think of is Trevor Ariza.  It is comparable in length to the list of men that have dumped Beyonce or Heidi Klum, extremely short.  Ariza has walked several years in the wilderness since leaving Los Angeles in addition to missing out on another championship ring which was won the year after he left.  I can imagine that you all were not willing to match Houston’s 5-year, $33M offer for Ariza’s services, especially after acquiring Metta World Peace.  It was the right call.

The Miami Heat have been basking in the NBA sunshine for the past 3 seasons with 3 straight consecutive trips with the NBA finals.  It is easy to see this success and panic as the Lakers’ regular season win totals in the past 3 seasons have been 57, 41 and 45.  You all should have the cool vibe of 70s Blaxploitation Legend, John Shaft.  For the record, I am not talking about the bootleg Samuel L. Jackson version.  I am talking about Richard Roundtree as Shaft.  Shaft is one of the coolest brothers ever to grace the screen, cooler than Han Solo, cooler than Captain Kirk, cooler than the Most Interesting Man Alive from the Dos Equis commercials, cooler than everyone except for James Bond.  Shaft even had his own Grammy and Oscar Award winning theme song written by Isaac Hayes.

If Dwight won’t sign his max contract extension, then you should do nothing.  Give the money to Lenny Kravitz and let him write the franchise a theme song like Shaft’s.  Do not do any crazy sign-and-trade deals.  Do not follow the Brooklyn Nets model and try to reassamble a 1990s All-Star team (Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett and Jerry Stackhouse).   Dwight will have to leave $30M on the table if he chooses not to sign his max extension.  He shouldn’t get that max money and then go to hide between James Harden’s shorts in Houston.

If his shoulders are not broad enough to face the pressure of having to deliver all-star caliber play on a nightly basis that is worthy of comparison to the great Lakers centers that have come before him, then he is not Laker material.  If he is not Laker material, then there is no max contract for him.  As Howard’s brand is somewhat tarnished after the “Indecision” in Orlando and lackluster first year with the Lakers, there is no GM that will give you equal value for him.  You will just end up getting back some overpaid humps.  Save the money for Summer 2014.  Paul George, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay and John Wall are all free agents.  Trust me, you can get one or more of them to sign on the dotted line after a few minutes of Lakers nostalgia and the mandatory VIP tour through Hugh Hefner’s mansion in Los Angeles.

Additionally, the Lakers own their rights to the 2014 NBA 1st round draft pick.  The prize of next year’s draft is Andrew Wiggins.  Next year is a great year to suck.  It worked for San Antonio in 1996-1997, a season in which they only won 20 games.  It was a miserable year.  Guess what their reward was?  The #1 pick in the 1997 draft, Tim Duncan.  16 years and 4 championships later, I will bet Spurs management has a different perspective on that 20 win season.  It is the same lesson that every great NFL QB has to learn, sometimes taking a sack on a broken player is a much better option than scrambling wildly away from your protection and risking either serious injury or an interception.

I am a fan of Boardwalk Empire.  It is a delicious mix of history, violence, drama and shocking plot twists.  One of the most intelligent characters in the show is Arnold Rothstein.  It is clear that the writers love this character because he always has witty dialogue.  In one season, he was giving advice to main character, Nucky Thompson about his next steps as Nucky found himself caught in a squeeze between local prosecutors looking to convict him on corruption charges and his former associates and brother attempting to assassinate him.  Rothstein laid this gem of a line on Thompson as Thompson is pondering his next move.

“I’ve made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don’t make any bet at all because there is simply no play. So I wait, plan, marshal my resources, and when I finally see an opportunity and there is a bet to make… I bet it all.”

Keep calm.  Plan. Marshal your resources.  You are the Lakers for crying out loud.


The Ultimate Guessing Game

nba-draft-3-4_3_rx513_c680x510Most of us start playing this game of basketball at a young age. While working on that jumpshot at the park, we dream of one day sitting in that greenroom with our families, wearing a suit with 28 buttons, waiting for the commissioner to call our names.


Bonzi…my goodness, WTH is that?!?!?

That’s why I love watching the NBA draft. Its the culmination of all the hardwork a kid has put in over the years up to this point. Seeing a guy hug his family and realize HIS dream is great television.

There’s a ton of analysis and predictions leading up to the draft. But seriously, the draft is the biggest guessing game there is. You look at a player’s track record and you try to predict how good someone is going to be, but who the hell knows???

I thought Greg Oden was that dude. I would’ve taken Oden over Durant. I watched both guys through high school and their 1 year in college. I thought both players would be great NBA players. I would be an unemployed GM right now.

Pat Riley wanted Chris Kaman in 2003. He had to be talked into drafting Dwyane Wade. Now he looks like a genius, while Dumars looks like El Stupido for drafting Darko.

I really hate mock drafts too. If anyone tells you they know who is going where, karate chop them in the throat. No one knows for sure where anyone is going, especially this year.

So there will be no Tragic Johnson Mock Drafts, sorry. You can go on any blog and get that if you’re looking for it. I’ve seen 5 different #1 picks so far in the drafts I looked at.Its a guessing game I refuse to play.

Now we will bring you a few re-drafts over the summer. We’ll look back at some previous drafts and with the benefit of hindsight, do the draft all over Tragic Johnson style. So no mock drafts, I don’t want to sit here and try to predict what these people are going to do.

Now lets look at the players in this draft. The coach/scout in me loves evaluating talent. Looking at film and breaking down a player’s game is fun. You pick up so many tendencies and you really see what a guy is made of when you watch game film. So today I will let you know who my favorite players are in this draft.

At first I wasn’t all that crazy about this class. This isn’t a crazy upside/potential draft like 2014 will be. The potential ‘one and done’ guys next year have tons of potential. But I believe there are a lot of quality players in this draft who’ll be on NBA rosters for years to come.

Will they be all-stars? I have no clue. A guy could have all the talent but you can’t predict a guy’s work ethic and you have no idea how the situation he lands in will affect him.

So who do I love in this draft….

Victor Oladipo

Love his athleticism. Love his work ethic. Even if he never develops a consistent jumper, he should be able to find a niche in the NBA based on defense alone. Its great to see a guy improve every year they’re in school and its hard to find a guy who’s improved more than him. I think the D. Wade comparisons are a bit much. Although he’s extremely explosive, I don’t know if he’ll ever be the scorer that Wade is. He gets to the hole and finishes around the basket nicely. Plus he should be a beast on the break. I’ve enjoyed watching him play and develop as a player. Can’t wait to see how his game evolves on the next level. I’ll be watching him closely and you should too. I’d love to see him in Orlando or Charlotte.

Tim Hardaway, Jr.

For those of us who live in Miami, we’ve seen Timmy, Jr. grow up in front of our eyes. A lot of people thought he was crazy for leaving school early, but I thought it was a great move. He’s a legit 6’5″-6’6″. He can shoot the lights out, either off the dribble or catch and shoot. Plus he’s more athletic than he gets credit for. Some had him rated as undrafted, now I’m reading he might go 1st round. Where ever he goes, he should produce. Another guy who improved every year in school and he’s been around the NBA his whole life, so he won’t be in awe of it. As the Heat have shown, you can never have too many shooters on your roster, so there should be some roster spots available to him. Timmy, Jr. can shoot the hell out of the ball and is not afraid of the big shot. If he could land on a team like the Bulls, Nets, Lakers or Trailblazers, I think that’d be perfect for him

C.J. McCollum

A rare 4-year player in the mix. These days if you stayed in school 4 years, you probably have a ton of flaws. I don’t see many flaws in McCollum’s game. Outstanding off the dribble, he has a beautiful pull-up J. He ran a lot of pick and rolls in college and if you watch any NBA games you know how common it is. He isn’t the greatest athlete, but neither was Sam Cassell or Sherman Douglas. The guy can shoot, create for himself and others, and has supreme confidence. You see him with the pill and you have no worries. Something good is going to happen. He’s also a nice finisher in the paint, he’s not a afraid of contact. I’d love to see him in OKC backing up Westbrook or in LA learning under Nash. But he’d also fit in nicely with the Knicks or Spurs. Either of those spots would be ideal.

So these were a few of my favorite players from this year’s draft class. I have no idea where they’re going though. What I do know is this….some of these players will be busts, some will be pleasant surprises, and there will be an ugly suit or two in the building…count on it.

Enjoy the draft!

– N.D. Face

The Sneaker Line Commandments


Photo courtesy of

The Nike Lebron X EXT “Denim” were released yesterday and as usual, there were people camped out in line to cop the latest kicks from Nike and The King.

I’ve stood in line for kicks a few times in my life and felt like an ass doing it. Most recently I was at Soles Inc. in Coconut Grove, FL to get the Air Jordan XIII’s for my nephew. I felt like every car/person that passed by was judging me for standing outside a shoe store, waiting for sneakers.

10381217-largeIf you’ve ever waited in line for sneakers, you know what the drill is. Like Biggie said in the 10 Crack Commandments, there’s rules to this stuff. The Sneaker Line Commandments….

Thou shall get there early
Thou shall be patient
Thou shalt not hold spots in line
Thou shalt not skip
Thou shall hope they have your size when its your turn

Its usually a pleasant experience, as you get to chatting with people about kicks and sports amongst other topics, as you wait in line for the store to open.

There’s always the obligatory girl, who tries to sashay her way to the front of the line violating one of the commandments. Thinking because she’s cute, dudes will let her slide. Ha! Nice try sweetie.

The day I was in line, this cute gal walked right passed the line to the front and tried to enter the store. The following exchange occurred…

Guy Behind Me: Ummm, Sweetheart, where you going?
Cute Girl: To get some shoes (smiles)
Guy Behind Me: Da f*ck you think? We standing out here for our health? Its called “a line” shawty and you WILL wait in it (hitchhiker thumb directing her to the back of the line)

That gorgeous smile probably gets her plenty of freebies and favors, but she learned the hard way, skipping in the sneaker line will not be tolerated. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real.

line-for-jordansWell after what happened at a shoe store in Atlanta Saturday, looks like we need to add “thou shall pack heat” to the Sneaker Line Commandments.

Apparently, someone felt the sneaker line was a good place for a robbery. If you’re the would-be robber, this sounds like a great idea. There’s some 20 – 40 people in line, all with at least $200 to purchase their kicks. Why not run up on some of them and get what you can? Well maybe one of the guys in line is toting a firearm, that’s why not!

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said robber was shot and killed while trying to strong arm folks in line for the LeBron’s. The shooter, who was licensed to carry his weapon, saw what was going on, got out of line and shot the would-be robber dead. He then proceeded to return back to his place in line and wait for his shoes.

Let that marinate for a bit……………..He shot and killed a guy, then got back in line for his shoes. Nothing was stopping this man from getting his kicks. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real!

I wonder if anyone let him skip…..

– N.D Face

What Now Lebron?


LeBron has done it again. After an amazing 7-game series vs the Spurs, LBJ once again elevated his play on the biggest stage and is now in the rare company of all-time greats.

Only two players have won the championship and regular season MVP award in consecutive years and that’s Michael Jordan and Bill Russell. Does it get any greater than that? The G.O.A.T and the greatest winner in the history of sports.

I don’t know about you, but when I see the pic of LeBron holding the trophies with that pose and that face, I feel like he’s telling all of his haters/doubters/detractors/critics to “kiss my royal, ultra-athletic, 2-time champion ASS!”.

To everyone with a joke about having no rings…kiss it! If you’ve ever called him “LeChoke”…kiss it! For everyone talking about his hairline…kiss it twice!


Can you blame him for being defiant in that moment? I don’t, he’s earned the right to do so.

Think about it, has there ever been a great player who’s had his game and mental toughness micro analyzed as much as LeBron? No matter what he does, the pundits and analyst always want more. After every lost, everyone feels the need to tell him how he should play the next game. People like Bill Simmons are always talking about “his legacy”. Every game is a “legacy game”…. who gives a damn about a legacy? We can worry about his legacy when his playing days are over.

I’m focused on the here and now. Right now we just watched this man win an NBA title, then carry Team USA to an Olympic gold medal, come back and win another NBA title after that. Throw in the back-to-back MVP’s and I think this qualifies as a nominee for the Best 2 years Ever award.

At this point, what else is there to hate on? People will now nitpick and try to find the smallest thing for their hate to cling on to. I’m pretty sure a lot of people hated Jordan and Magic Johnson too, but with the advent of social media, any and everybody can throw their opinion out there for the world to read, no matter how idiotic. I saw a post on Twitter that said LeBron should’ve thanked Ray Allen and Chris Bosh for their heroics in game 6 #noclass….wow, really? That’s where we are now America?

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

The one thing he won’t be able to escape are the Jordan comparisons. I’m trying to figure out when Michael Jordan became this mythical creature, who never played bad and never lost a playoff game. This from a guy who LOVES MJ. But Mike didn’t win every game he ever played. He didn’t make every clutch shot he ever took. He didn’t always shoot when the game was on the line, cue John Paxson and Steve Kerr. He was not perfect, but over time his exploits have been magnified to a level that’s unreal.


This is what LeBron now faces in his battle with the media and its a battle he won’t win. Even if he wins 7 rings, those obsessed with MJ will find reasons to discredit LeBron’s rings. They’ll point out the level of competition and they’ll always bring up the fact he left Cleveland to get his rings, so he can’t win there.

But I hope he keeps the attitude he showed on that championship stage. He has no worries. All he can do is go play basketball and continue to improve. The scary part is he CAN improve. His postgame can improve, he can be a better freethrow shooter just to name a couple of things. I still think the best of LeBron is still to come.

Some of you will hold “The Decision” against him forever. Others will bring up “not 4, not 5, not 6” until he walks into the hall of fame and that’s their right, but they’re missing out greatness.

As for me, I’ll be watching every game. Appreciating the talent and skill of a guy who will go down as one of the 3 greatest players who’ve ever played this game we love.

Don’t believe, me just watch….


– N.D. Face

Can you hear me now, haters?

Congrats to the 2013 NBA Champions, The Miami Heat!  Ever wonder what a Two-Time NBA Champion’s voicemail account sounds like?  NIKE Basketball just provided you with the answer.

Social media will be buzzing with this video all day on Friday.


Throwback Thursday: Malice in the Palace

Do you remember where you were the night that you saw Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson running into the stands trading punches with the rowdy Detroit Pistons fans?  I certainly do and it was over 8 years ago.  It was a night that probably still gives NBA Commissioner David Stern nightmares.  The Indiana Pacers certainly sent a message to all of the rude and obnoxious fans nationwide who cross the line from Fan to Stan.  You will get laid out!  It was an expensive message to send.  Ron Artest got suspended for 73 games and $4.9 million salary and Jackson lost $3 million in salary by his own count.  The original video is below.  Please excuse the annoying Bill Walton commentary.


Jackson rehashes the story on ESPN last week.  He speaks his mind in this interview and gives a behind the scenes look at what went down that night.  The discussion about Malice in the Palace starts at 3:45 mark.  He is quite entertaining and could have a bright future in television commentary.  However, he couldn’t help himself in having a “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” moment.  In the interview he says, “it felt good to punch a fan.”  You know that he is speaking from the heart there.  Stephen, I hope that you saved your money because you can be assured that you will never play another NBA game after a comment like that.

Do you want to know what stupid question Artest asked in the locker room after the fight?  Watch the video to find out.  It is hilarious.


Tragic Johnson Milestone

I’d like to thank each of you for this milestone in Tragic Johnson’s history.  We just crossed 300 subscribers!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

We’d like you to keep interacting with us via e-mail (, Facebook and Twitter.  Let us know how we can make this blog the #1 online destination for the basketball fan worldwide.

We are both so excited and humbled right now.

-GPABaller & N.D. Face

NBA Finals Game 6…Best Ever?

hatesChris-Bosh1And with that block, one of the greatest games in NBA Finals history came to an unbelievable end.

So many twists and turns through this epic 53 minute game. I bet the reporters covering on site had to change their storylines multiple times as the in-game roles and narratives changed seemingly every quarter. Kinda the way Magic Johnson’s thoughts on who will win change just about every 5 minutes.

Think about it, Bosh went from Goat to Hero. Duncan went from Beast to Old Man. Pop went from Genius to Dumbass. And Lebron went from Choker to Hero to Choker then back to Hero again. Amazing how that happens, right? If the Heat lose, all anyone is talking about are the 2 late turnovers LBJ had. But they won, so now LeBron is clutch once again and Magic now has the Heat winning it all, until halftime of game 7 I’m sure.

Any basketball coach worth a damn will tell you, to win a championship, you’ve got to do the little things. Had the Spurs done those little things like boxing out, taking care of the ball, and making freethrows, they very well may have been NBA champs last night celebrating at Applebee’s.

But instead they’re stuck wondering how it all went wrong and looking at the unenviable task of winning a game 7, on the road, vs LeBron James. Keep in mind that NO team has EVER won a game 7 on the road in the 2-3-2 format. Then again, Miami hasn’t won 2 straight since the Bulls series and the Spurs haven’t lost 2 straight since late in the regular season. Which trend is going to end?

I was so geeked up after the game, I couldn’t sleep. So I was trying to compile a list of the best NBA Finals games in recent history. So what makes a game a candidate for “Best Ever” status? You need great players, making great plays and at least one signature moment.

So which games come to mind?

Game 4 2008 – Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers. Colossal Collapse at Staples Center….

Game 6 1998 – Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz, MJ’s greatest moment as a player….

Game 4 1987 – Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers, Magic’s Baby Hookshot…

All of these games had great players, making great plays. Some questionable officiating calls and no calls, plus signature moments that have gone down as some of the greatest moments in NBA history. Magic’s hook, MJ’s crossover/pushoff, Kobe pissed off to no end, thats classic son! Game 6 2013 gave us the Ray Allen backpedal corner 3…


Are you serous? 2 days later I’m still amazed. Moments like this are the reason why Ray Allen came to Miami.

I don’t know if people comprehend how difficult that shot was. The moment was huge, it’s the season on the line when that ball is coming to him and he knows it. Plus he’s going backwards, to the corner. How many times have you seen players in these NBA corners step out-of-bounds? Not only did he get behind the line and stay in bounds, he had the presence of mind to peek at the shot clock down on the other end to see how much time he had left, then he drains it…no rim.

If you still don’t think its hard, how bout this. Next time you go to your local court, you and your boys/girls need to reenact this play. Try to backpedal to the corner, catch the ball and make a 3 point shot. If you don’t trip and bust your ass, you’ve won half of the battle.

Now we come to game 7 and I have absolutely NO CLUE what’s going to happen, but I can guess like everyone else. Will the Heat have a hangover after expending so much energy and emotion fighting back to win that game? Will the Spurs be too devastated to offer up a real challenge? Will the bandwagon Miami fans (not the TRUE fans) stay long enough to see what happens? I don’t know!

All the commentators seem to think the series is over and Miami will take it easy, but if any team can bounce back from that type of heartbreak, it’s the Spurs. That team is never too high or low emotionally, so I see them giving a great effort.

I also think the Heat will be energized knowing they have a chance to make history and go down as an all-time great team with back to back titles.

Prediction? I think its a relatively close game throughout and one team will pull away in the 4th qtr. That team will be the Miami Heat.

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, cuz Chris Bosh pouring champagne on err’body…


Whatever happens tonight, I’ll be planted in front of my TV applauding the effort, but bitter that this incredible series has to come to an end.

– N.D. Face

Everybody Hates Chris…


There are certain things in this world that I just don’t understand. Dwyane Wade’s wardrobe and Joe Johnson’s salary are a couple of them. But the one thing has me the most perplexed is the extreme amount of hate thrown Chris Bosh’s way.

I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this Bosh Bashing. This isn’t the typical “I hate LeBron, therefore, I hate the Heat” type of venom. The hate I’m speaking of is coming from supposed Heat fans.

I’ve heard these fans say they’d rather have Birdman starting over Bosh. Another said he’d rather have Demarcus Cousins over Bosh. I had to double-check to make sure we were actually talking about THE Demarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings. And indeed he was talking about THAT Cousins aka Crazy Cousins aka King Ejection aka Baby Sheed.

Some have even stated that if the Charlotte Bobcats were to offer the 4th pick in this weak 2013 draft for Bosh, the Heat should take it…are you serious??? Now I see why other fanbases laugh and mock Heat fans, because this type of thinking is ridiculous if you asked me.

Chris Bosh has always been a great player. McDonald All-American in high school. Freshman phenom at Georgia Tech. He was the 3rd pick in the much celebrated 2003 draft (we don’t count Darko). Is a perennial all-star and an Olympian, yet for some reason Bosh is the whipping boy of the Big 3.

I don’t get it. Here’s a guy that averaged over 20 points/10 rebounds in his last 2 seasons in Toronto, including a career high 24 his final season. He took less money, along with a lesser role in Miami because he wanted to win. Not to mention he’s playing out of position. Yeah he’s been having a horrible postseason, but the short memories in Dade County are alarming. They tend to forget his contributions to last year’s championship run.

Bosh has picked up his play as of late, with 3 straight double-doubles in the NBA Finals. Some are saying Game 4 was his best game in a Heat uniform and he still can’t get any credit from the extreme haters. I wanted to delve into this and see if we can figure out why everyone hates Chris.

So we decided to get scientific. We hired a firm to go around South Florida and conduct surveys so we can get to the bottom of this….ok maybe we didn’t go that far, but I did throw the question out there on Facebook and got the thoughts and opinions of some Heat fans.

Looks like the main reason people hate Bosh is….

Reason: Bosh doesn’t play like a “real big man”. He’s too perimeter. He’s soft!
Rebuttal: So what exactly does a “real big man” play like? Traditional bigs live in the paint. They post up. They protect the rim and they tend to grab a lot of rebounds. With the way this team is built, there’s no room for a traditional big offensively. Your two best players are Wade and LeBron. They slash and attack the rim. A traditional big would just clog up the lane. Think OKC and Kendrick Perkins

To paraphrase Denny Green, Bosh is who we thought he was. He’s a big who helps space the floor. If you watch the games, the threat of Bosh’s jumper helps get guys open. The defender has to rotate from a little further away because he has to respect the jumper. Now I’ll agree that this season/postseason he has been more perimeter than he’s ever been in his career. But don’t you think that’s by the design of the coach? He wouldn’t be out there on that 3point line if Spo didn’t encourage it. He is who he is, people need to start excepting that.

He’s NEVER going to be the prototypical big man we grew up watching. It’s a different era, it’s a different game. But I think last game was a turning point for CB on both ends of the floor. Instead of pick and pop, he rolled to the basketball. When Wade or LBJ drove to the paint, instead of spotting up for the short jumper, he dove to the rim. That opened up offensive rebounds and dumpoffs. He still mixed in his midrange game and protected the rim better than I’ve ever seen him do it for the Heat. You saw why he’s so important to this team and what he’s capable of on the biggest stage.


I personally love the guy. Great player, very intelligent dude, with a great sense of humor. He’s never been in trouble on or off the court, yet he gets destroyed in the world of social media. He can’t seem to do anything right for some people.

I know one thing, these delusional Heat fans need to stop taking Bosh for granted. 3 Finals appearances in 3 years and on the verge of back to back titles if they can somehow win this series. That doesn’t happen very often and Bosh is a huge part of the formula that makes it happen.

If Heat fans don’t want him, there will be teams lined up to take him. Imagine him on the Bulls next to Noah or in New York or Brooklyn with Melo or D-Will. Imagine if OKC had Bosh teamed with Ibaka instead of Perkins. Having Bosh in your lineup makes your team better.

With a pivotal Game 5 tonight in San Antonio, I hope Bosh has another great game to silence his critics and have the last laugh.


– N.D. Face