The NBA Finals: Rest vs Rust


The NBA Finals tipped off last night and all I heard in the buildup to game 1 was ‘Rest vs Rust’. How would the Spurs handle all of that time off?

Round 1 goes to Rest.

9 days off seemed to have the Spurs rejuvenated, while battling the Pacers to 7 games seemed to wear Miami out. At least that’s what Heat fans are hoping for. Miami played well for 3 quarters, well enough to win. But they turned in a disastrous 4th quarter and Tony Parker made a miraculous shot, allowing the Spurs to steal game 1 and take over the homecourt advantage in this series.

I got the feeling all night that Miami should’ve been up by more. They seemed to be playing well, making shots, Tony Parker wasn’t killing them. Yet every time I looked at the score, it was Heat by 4-5 points. The Spurs just hung around and made a late run that Miami just couldn’t answer.

A lot of Heat fans are going off on Chris Bosh today for taking that 3-pointer late in the game. On Facebook, the chatter was all about how Bosh shouldn’t be shooting 3’s.

So to those who say Bosh shouldn’t have shot that 3 pointer, I present to you the following….

A lot of you are playing the result. If he makes that 3 everyone is celebrating, screaming “good shot!”. I didn’t like the amount of 3’s he shot during the game, but I can’t be upset at a guy for shooting a wide open three who has history of making some timely ones. If anything, get mad at LeBron for not attacking Tim Duncan at that moment.


He came down the lane and should’ve gone right at him. Where’s the killer instinct???

So enough about the Heat. Lets talk Spurs and how exceptional that team is. All of the guys who needed to play well for them did. Tony Parker was giving kids the blues in the 4th quarter. I thought Popovich did an excellent job with subbing, having Parker fresh for that 4th qtr run.

Tim Duncan also found out what Hibbert found out, Miami is soft inside. The Big Fundamental took Miami’s bigs to school. Helping the Spurs to 20+ 2nd chance points.

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green definitely didn’t look afraid of the moment either. Making big plays and shots all night.

The one thing Miami now knows is this Spurs team is not going to make a lot of mistakes. To beat them you better execute and be disciplined down the stretch, because they’re going to do what they do.

It’s boring to some, but its beautiful to me. The Art of Basketball at its finest.

Despite the lost, I still think Miami wins this series in 6 games. Miami has to up the tempo to offset the Spurs defense and LeBron needs to be in attack mode.

If we can get 5-6 more games like game 1, we’ll all be happy. We’ll be sleepy as all hell too, but we’ll be happy.

So who do you think is going to win? Comment and let us know.

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

One thought on “The NBA Finals: Rest vs Rust

  1. This Finals matchup is all about elite coaching and the 2 best teams that can execute in this league. I still feel Miami wins in 7 but no less than 6. Spurs are rested but they’re still an older team who’s gone through A Thunder team minus Westbrook & a Grizzlies team with no go-to scorer. An injured Wade can still make solid effective plays even when not scoring. The Heat’s key to the rest of this series relies on Lebron attacking the basket, which he didn’t do enough of in Game 1. Spurs have no one to guard Lebron or stop him at the basket, so he needs to exploit that.

    As for Bosh, he did nothing wrong in taking that late 3 attempt. His wrong continues to be what ND Face and I have argued about constantly. Bosh has totally forgotten how to play the post. ND Face keeps telling me he’s just playing his game to adapt playing alongside Wade & Lebron but I refute it. Bosh was a successful 20-10 go-to post player in Toronto for 6 years before joining Miami. He’s proven he can bang inside, score in the post, and draw fouls; three things Miami could immensely benefit from in the Finals where the Spurs have no tough-nosed bigs like the Pacers. Bosh has relegated himself to playing like a small spot-up shooting roll player and has totally forgotten the skill set that convinced Pat Riley to want him in Miami with Wade & James. Its one thing to adapt your game for the sake of team cohesion but its another thing to subdue your most natural skills that made you successful in the first place when they can be heavily utilized. He should be utilizing his new found range along with his interior skill set.

    I’m sick of Bosh’s weak mentality. He a proven big who has no desire to command the ball to his strengths on this roster. When needed, Lebron and Wade have commanded the ball and taken over while the respective other understood and went along. Why cant Bosh do the same? He did it for 6 years as a first option. I anxiously hope Riley trades Bosh for a player or players with balls. The biggest contract on the roster shouldn’t be playing like a role player.

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