Everybody Hates Chris…


There are certain things in this world that I just don’t understand. Dwyane Wade’s wardrobe and Joe Johnson’s salary are a couple of them. But the one thing has me the most perplexed is the extreme amount of hate thrown Chris Bosh’s way.

I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this Bosh Bashing. This isn’t the typical “I hate LeBron, therefore, I hate the Heat” type of venom. The hate I’m speaking of is coming from supposed Heat fans.

I’ve heard these fans say they’d rather have Birdman starting over Bosh. Another said he’d rather have Demarcus Cousins over Bosh. I had to double-check to make sure we were actually talking about THE Demarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings. And indeed he was talking about THAT Cousins aka Crazy Cousins aka King Ejection aka Baby Sheed.

Some have even stated that if the Charlotte Bobcats were to offer the 4th pick in this weak 2013 draft for Bosh, the Heat should take it…are you serious??? Now I see why other fanbases laugh and mock Heat fans, because this type of thinking is ridiculous if you asked me.

Chris Bosh has always been a great player. McDonald All-American in high school. Freshman phenom at Georgia Tech. He was the 3rd pick in the much celebrated 2003 draft (we don’t count Darko). Is a perennial all-star and an Olympian, yet for some reason Bosh is the whipping boy of the Big 3.

I don’t get it. Here’s a guy that averaged over 20 points/10 rebounds in his last 2 seasons in Toronto, including a career high 24 his final season. He took less money, along with a lesser role in Miami because he wanted to win. Not to mention he’s playing out of position. Yeah he’s been having a horrible postseason, but the short memories in Dade County are alarming. They tend to forget his contributions to last year’s championship run.

Bosh has picked up his play as of late, with 3 straight double-doubles in the NBA Finals. Some are saying Game 4 was his best game in a Heat uniform and he still can’t get any credit from the extreme haters. I wanted to delve into this and see if we can figure out why everyone hates Chris.

So we decided to get scientific. We hired a firm to go around South Florida and conduct surveys so we can get to the bottom of this….ok maybe we didn’t go that far, but I did throw the question out there on Facebook and got the thoughts and opinions of some Heat fans.

Looks like the main reason people hate Bosh is….

Reason: Bosh doesn’t play like a “real big man”. He’s too perimeter. He’s soft!
Rebuttal: So what exactly does a “real big man” play like? Traditional bigs live in the paint. They post up. They protect the rim and they tend to grab a lot of rebounds. With the way this team is built, there’s no room for a traditional big offensively. Your two best players are Wade and LeBron. They slash and attack the rim. A traditional big would just clog up the lane. Think OKC and Kendrick Perkins

To paraphrase Denny Green, Bosh is who we thought he was. He’s a big who helps space the floor. If you watch the games, the threat of Bosh’s jumper helps get guys open. The defender has to rotate from a little further away because he has to respect the jumper. Now I’ll agree that this season/postseason he has been more perimeter than he’s ever been in his career. But don’t you think that’s by the design of the coach? He wouldn’t be out there on that 3point line if Spo didn’t encourage it. He is who he is, people need to start excepting that.

He’s NEVER going to be the prototypical big man we grew up watching. It’s a different era, it’s a different game. But I think last game was a turning point for CB on both ends of the floor. Instead of pick and pop, he rolled to the basketball. When Wade or LBJ drove to the paint, instead of spotting up for the short jumper, he dove to the rim. That opened up offensive rebounds and dumpoffs. He still mixed in his midrange game and protected the rim better than I’ve ever seen him do it for the Heat. You saw why he’s so important to this team and what he’s capable of on the biggest stage.


I personally love the guy. Great player, very intelligent dude, with a great sense of humor. He’s never been in trouble on or off the court, yet he gets destroyed in the world of social media. He can’t seem to do anything right for some people.

I know one thing, these delusional Heat fans need to stop taking Bosh for granted. 3 Finals appearances in 3 years and on the verge of back to back titles if they can somehow win this series. That doesn’t happen very often and Bosh is a huge part of the formula that makes it happen.

If Heat fans don’t want him, there will be teams lined up to take him. Imagine him on the Bulls next to Noah or in New York or Brooklyn with Melo or D-Will. Imagine if OKC had Bosh teamed with Ibaka instead of Perkins. Having Bosh in your lineup makes your team better.

With a pivotal Game 5 tonight in San Antonio, I hope Bosh has another great game to silence his critics and have the last laugh.


– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

3 thoughts on “Everybody Hates Chris…

  1. I will use your own comments to prove why many hate Bosh. For the record, I am one who doesnt want to see him don a Heat jersey after the Finals conclude.

    One of the biggest reasons Bosh is heavily criticized is because he no longer uses the skills he proved for 6 seasons in Toronto. A once top-20 player, go-to post player and efficient rebounder is now beyond a shadow of his previously effective self. I do not expect him to be a totally dominant force in the paint as was expected in Toronto, but I cannot fathom how he does not utilize those dominant skills even sporadically. Wanting 4-6 touches per game in the post is not excessive. Wanting him to occasionally post anyone up inside is not unrealistic. Defensively, he also continues to drop his hands in the post and as someone takes a shot. Any player close to the basket should keep their hands up & begin to establish rebounding position. This is one of the big reasons he doesnt rebound well consistently. So excuse me for expecting a player to still be even modestly capable of utilizing a skill set he flourished with for 6 seasons elsewhere and combine them with the needs of his current team.

    Furthermore, you continue to state he spreads the defense with his shooting. No defense since the Bulls series has stepped up on Bosh with those midrange jumpers, except perhaps the guards or SFs who rotate to him. Even then, Bosh has missed alot of those jumpers to the tune of starting off most of the last 10 games shooting roughly 25% from that free throw line area Bosh loves to shot from. In Indy, his purpose was to draw the bigs away from the paint. He failed miserably because I dont recall a single play that West or Hibbert followed him past 6 feet from the basket. So he only drew the attention of the corresponding guards or small forwards who are suppose to be near the perimeter anyways. In short, he was ineffective at his main goal.

    Now, lets say I’m wrong on all points and Bosh has helped spread the floor. So Bosh is now expected to be Miamis biggest contract by being a one-dimentional shooter with limited rebounding and defensive skills? Come on. OK, lets says I’m still wrong about being one-dimensional. One fact that cannot be refuted is that Bosh has been horribly inconsistent all season long and moreso in these playoffs. Oh yeah, you stated people forget how well he played in last years playoffs. Clearly, your forgetting he was inconsistent until the Finals. Im sorry but one great series does not forgive all the other constant ineptitude.

    In short, if Miami wanted a mediocre rebounding big man to occasionally block a shot and hit regular threes they shouldve pursued Channing Frye. He wouldve been much cheaper and more consistent at those skills. I also simply cannot accept that after 3 years together and Bosh still feels he’s struggling to adjust. Thats understandable from a young player but not a 9 year vet. When assembled, The Big 3 wasnt expected to include an underachieving glorified role player. Does everyone hate Chris? Whomever does is entitled.

    • Well tell us how you really lol question for you though? How many plays do they run for Bosh to post up? You forget he is a clear 3rd option. The better matchup is usually lebron or wade in the post. Bosh isn’t an overly physical guy but he’s quicker than most bigs, so his advantage is away from the paint.

      Now he’s not without flaws. If I were to critique him is say he’s too dependent on others to get his. He should be more active on the offensive boards. I think he settles for too many jumpers. He’s a very skilled player, he can go to the basket using either hand. He’s too good of a player to just settle for Js but that’s the product of the offense they run.

      Another question, who would you replace Bosh with Mr GM? What other big out there that’s available round be s better fit for this Heat team?

      And I guess you forgot bosh missed a ton of playoff games with an injury. He was inconsistent playing his way back into game shape. He caught his stride in game 7 vs Boston and had a very good series vs OKC including 24 points in the clinching game.

      You’re expecting MVP numbers from a 3rd option who plays with 2 guys who dominate the paint and the ball. Look at his numbers when wade or lebron are out. He’s had some great games when he’s the 2nd option.

      As for posting up, how many times have teams switched the pick and roll and had a guard on Bosh, yet lebron or wade see that switch and ignore it so they can try and take the big off the dribble? I guess that’s his fault too lol

      Y’all are comical and taking this guy for granted. When he’s gone and you’re stuck with joel anthony and Birdman, I’m going to laugh at you all lol

  2. The knocks on Bosh aren’t fair and I won’t go defending the guy. The big three have appeared in the finals 3 times and that should be proof enough. HEY Miami…..THREE FINALS APPEARANCES…..at this point all Miami fans owe the 3 the 6 and the 1 is a big thank you and a we love you and support you guys even if San Antonio wipes the floor with you…….and if you don’t like it go watch those Marlins in that ridiculously over priced white whale there in the little Havana or hey the Fins that haven’t been to the finals since when?

    OMG. Bosh and these cats SAVED South FLA sports…….show a little respect people.

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