Throwback Thursday: Malice in the Palace

Do you remember where you were the night that you saw Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson running into the stands trading punches with the rowdy Detroit Pistons fans?  I certainly do and it was over 8 years ago.  It was a night that probably still gives NBA Commissioner David Stern nightmares.  The Indiana Pacers certainly sent a message to all of the rude and obnoxious fans nationwide who cross the line from Fan to Stan.  You will get laid out!  It was an expensive message to send.  Ron Artest got suspended for 73 games and $4.9 million salary and Jackson lost $3 million in salary by his own count.  The original video is below.  Please excuse the annoying Bill Walton commentary.


Jackson rehashes the story on ESPN last week.  He speaks his mind in this interview and gives a behind the scenes look at what went down that night.  The discussion about Malice in the Palace starts at 3:45 mark.  He is quite entertaining and could have a bright future in television commentary.  However, he couldn’t help himself in having a “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” moment.  In the interview he says, “it felt good to punch a fan.”  You know that he is speaking from the heart there.  Stephen, I hope that you saved your money because you can be assured that you will never play another NBA game after a comment like that.

Do you want to know what stupid question Artest asked in the locker room after the fight?  Watch the video to find out.  It is hilarious.


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