The Sneaker Line Commandments


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The Nike Lebron X EXT “Denim” were released yesterday and as usual, there were people camped out in line to cop the latest kicks from Nike and The King.

I’ve stood in line for kicks a few times in my life and felt like an ass doing it. Most recently I was at Soles Inc. in Coconut Grove, FL to get the Air Jordan XIII’s for my nephew. I felt like every car/person that passed by was judging me for standing outside a shoe store, waiting for sneakers.

10381217-largeIf you’ve ever waited in line for sneakers, you know what the drill is. Like Biggie said in the 10 Crack Commandments, there’s rules to this stuff. The Sneaker Line Commandments….

Thou shall get there early
Thou shall be patient
Thou shalt not hold spots in line
Thou shalt not skip
Thou shall hope they have your size when its your turn

Its usually a pleasant experience, as you get to chatting with people about kicks and sports amongst other topics, as you wait in line for the store to open.

There’s always the obligatory girl, who tries to sashay her way to the front of the line violating one of the commandments. Thinking because she’s cute, dudes will let her slide. Ha! Nice try sweetie.

The day I was in line, this cute gal walked right passed the line to the front and tried to enter the store. The following exchange occurred…

Guy Behind Me: Ummm, Sweetheart, where you going?
Cute Girl: To get some shoes (smiles)
Guy Behind Me: Da f*ck you think? We standing out here for our health? Its called “a line” shawty and you WILL wait in it (hitchhiker thumb directing her to the back of the line)

That gorgeous smile probably gets her plenty of freebies and favors, but she learned the hard way, skipping in the sneaker line will not be tolerated. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real.

line-for-jordansWell after what happened at a shoe store in Atlanta Saturday, looks like we need to add “thou shall pack heat” to the Sneaker Line Commandments.

Apparently, someone felt the sneaker line was a good place for a robbery. If you’re the would-be robber, this sounds like a great idea. There’s some 20 – 40 people in line, all with at least $200 to purchase their kicks. Why not run up on some of them and get what you can? Well maybe one of the guys in line is toting a firearm, that’s why not!

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said robber was shot and killed while trying to strong arm folks in line for the LeBron’s. The shooter, who was licensed to carry his weapon, saw what was going on, got out of line and shot the would-be robber dead. He then proceeded to return back to his place in line and wait for his shoes.

Let that marinate for a bit……………..He shot and killed a guy, then got back in line for his shoes. Nothing was stopping this man from getting his kicks. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real!

I wonder if anyone let him skip…..

– N.D Face

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