The Ultimate Guessing Game

nba-draft-3-4_3_rx513_c680x510Most of us start playing this game of basketball at a young age. While working on that jumpshot at the park, we dream of one day sitting in that greenroom with our families, wearing a suit with 28 buttons, waiting for the commissioner to call our names.


Bonzi…my goodness, WTH is that?!?!?

That’s why I love watching the NBA draft. Its the culmination of all the hardwork a kid has put in over the years up to this point. Seeing a guy hug his family and realize HIS dream is great television.

There’s a ton of analysis and predictions leading up to the draft. But seriously, the draft is the biggest guessing game there is. You look at a player’s track record and you try to predict how good someone is going to be, but who the hell knows???

I thought Greg Oden was that dude. I would’ve taken Oden over Durant. I watched both guys through high school and their 1 year in college. I thought both players would be great NBA players. I would be an unemployed GM right now.

Pat Riley wanted Chris Kaman in 2003. He had to be talked into drafting Dwyane Wade. Now he looks like a genius, while Dumars looks like El Stupido for drafting Darko.

I really hate mock drafts too. If anyone tells you they know who is going where, karate chop them in the throat. No one knows for sure where anyone is going, especially this year.

So there will be no Tragic Johnson Mock Drafts, sorry. You can go on any blog and get that if you’re looking for it. I’ve seen 5 different #1 picks so far in the drafts I looked at.Its a guessing game I refuse to play.

Now we will bring you a few re-drafts over the summer. We’ll look back at some previous drafts and with the benefit of hindsight, do the draft all over Tragic Johnson style. So no mock drafts, I don’t want to sit here and try to predict what these people are going to do.

Now lets look at the players in this draft. The coach/scout in me loves evaluating talent. Looking at film and breaking down a player’s game is fun. You pick up so many tendencies and you really see what a guy is made of when you watch game film. So today I will let you know who my favorite players are in this draft.

At first I wasn’t all that crazy about this class. This isn’t a crazy upside/potential draft like 2014 will be. The potential ‘one and done’ guys next year have tons of potential. But I believe there are a lot of quality players in this draft who’ll be on NBA rosters for years to come.

Will they be all-stars? I have no clue. A guy could have all the talent but you can’t predict a guy’s work ethic and you have no idea how the situation he lands in will affect him.

So who do I love in this draft….

Victor Oladipo

Love his athleticism. Love his work ethic. Even if he never develops a consistent jumper, he should be able to find a niche in the NBA based on defense alone. Its great to see a guy improve every year they’re in school and its hard to find a guy who’s improved more than him. I think the D. Wade comparisons are a bit much. Although he’s extremely explosive, I don’t know if he’ll ever be the scorer that Wade is. He gets to the hole and finishes around the basket nicely. Plus he should be a beast on the break. I’ve enjoyed watching him play and develop as a player. Can’t wait to see how his game evolves on the next level. I’ll be watching him closely and you should too. I’d love to see him in Orlando or Charlotte.

Tim Hardaway, Jr.

For those of us who live in Miami, we’ve seen Timmy, Jr. grow up in front of our eyes. A lot of people thought he was crazy for leaving school early, but I thought it was a great move. He’s a legit 6’5″-6’6″. He can shoot the lights out, either off the dribble or catch and shoot. Plus he’s more athletic than he gets credit for. Some had him rated as undrafted, now I’m reading he might go 1st round. Where ever he goes, he should produce. Another guy who improved every year in school and he’s been around the NBA his whole life, so he won’t be in awe of it. As the Heat have shown, you can never have too many shooters on your roster, so there should be some roster spots available to him. Timmy, Jr. can shoot the hell out of the ball and is not afraid of the big shot. If he could land on a team like the Bulls, Nets, Lakers or Trailblazers, I think that’d be perfect for him

C.J. McCollum

A rare 4-year player in the mix. These days if you stayed in school 4 years, you probably have a ton of flaws. I don’t see many flaws in McCollum’s game. Outstanding off the dribble, he has a beautiful pull-up J. He ran a lot of pick and rolls in college and if you watch any NBA games you know how common it is. He isn’t the greatest athlete, but neither was Sam Cassell or Sherman Douglas. The guy can shoot, create for himself and others, and has supreme confidence. You see him with the pill and you have no worries. Something good is going to happen. He’s also a nice finisher in the paint, he’s not a afraid of contact. I’d love to see him in OKC backing up Westbrook or in LA learning under Nash. But he’d also fit in nicely with the Knicks or Spurs. Either of those spots would be ideal.

So these were a few of my favorite players from this year’s draft class. I have no idea where they’re going though. What I do know is this….some of these players will be busts, some will be pleasant surprises, and there will be an ugly suit or two in the building…count on it.

Enjoy the draft!

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guessing Game

    • Unreal how it all went down. Mock Drafts ruined! Just like an NCAA bracket when the team you picked to win it all goes down. I actually liked Bennett, but never thought he’d 1st overall.

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