Brooklyn Did What???


And you thought Cleveland taking Anthony Bennett 1st overall was the craziest move of the night.

Somewhere in between a couple of Bill Simmons’s dry jokes and David Stern doing his best evil wrestler impersonation, Billy King pulled off a humongous trade. He picked up Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry while not having to give up Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, or Deron Williams.

The Nets got 2 declining, but sure-fire hall of famers and gave up 5 players, plus 3 1st round drafts picks in 2014, ’16, and ’18. The future is now for Brooklyn and I’m not sure if this was a good move or bad move. Bare with me while I sort all of this out on my keyboard.

As far as Boston is concerned, its obvious what they’re doing. The ‘Tank for Wiggins’ campaign began when they let Doc Rivers go. It kicked into full gear last night. The Big 3 era is officially over in Beantown, let the rebuilding begin.

That loud dud you heard was Boston fans passing out when they heard about the deal.


“Oh Lawd, they done traded KG and The Truth..”

Rondo and Celtic fans must be on suicide watch right now. Rondo has no one to play with. Amazingly it was just a year ago, this team had a 3-2 lead on the Miami Heat, with a closeout game at home. Then LeBron made that angry face…no not that one, this one….and forced game 7, where Bosh found out he could hit 3’s. Ray-Ray left, they lose in the 1st round to the Knicks, and now its all over.

But back to Brooklyn. This is like watching the World Series of Poker and seeing a guy go all in, when he only has an 11% chance to win the hand. He’s going for broke and you’re at home screaming “WTF are you doing?!?!”. But in poker, you never know which card the dealer is going to flip over. It could be the one card you need to win.

Billy King just went all in with a crappy hand and he’s hoping for a miracle on the flip.

On paper, the roster actually works well. Lopez is the low post threat. KG is still long and can hit that midrange J at the 4 and D-Will started showing signs late last year that he can still be the guy I had rated as the top PG in the league for a time. Pierce and Johnson are very good scorers on the wing. You still have Blatche and Watson coming of the bench. It looks good, but that’s on paper…

In reality, KG and Pierce are long past their primes. They can still be effective, but the days of KG dominating a game defensively are over. The days of Paul Pierce carrying a team offensively for an entire game, are done. They can be great in spurts, but is that good enough to beat Miami?

Plus Joe Johnson seems like he can’t play ball without dribbling for 15 seconds before he shoots. Everything comes to a screeching halt when the ball hits his hands. Good luck to Jason Kidd trying to get him out of that habit and finding ways to keep everyone happy and involved.

So while I don’t believe this move makes them a true contender, it had to be done. I’d take an old KG and Pierce over Gerald Wallace and Kris Kardashian any day. They can still play and they’re veterans who’ll bring a sense of urgency and confidence that was sorely missing from the Nets last season. I don’t see a team with KG and Pierce allowing the short-handed Bulls to win a game 7 in Brooklyn.

So what do you all think? Nets contenders or pretenders?

– N.D. Face

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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Did What???

  1. Pretenders!! All this trade did was make the Knicks vs. Gnats subway series a little more interesting next season. The Gnats have mortgaged their future for some aging veterans that could very easily get hurt next season. Have you all forgotten the way Paul Pierce nearly had his ACL popped by Jameer Nelson last season? Btw, I am a little surprised that The Truth didn’t get the chance to stay with the Celtics for his entire career.

    • Excellent comment! They’re better but they’re not contenders. You’re right though, the subway series instantly became more interesting. I’ll be watching Knicks vs Nets every time they play next season.

      I’m glad you brought up that crossover by Jameer. That was just filthy! Joe Johnson had him twerking on the court one game too.

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