Dwight Howard, Time to Man Up!

dwight-howard-nba-free-agency-2013 The pitches have been made. Cases have been stated. Anybody who wanted Dwight Howard has done all they can do at this point. Its now up to D-12 to decide on where to take his talents for the next 4-5 years.

If I was his agent, I’d hire that buff brother Terry from the Comcast Xfinity commercial to follow Dwight around all day saying “Its time to man up!”…

That’s right, listen to Terry! It’s definitely time for Dwight Howard to finally “Man Up” and make a decision that’s best for him and his basketball future.

In my eyes, this means heading to Houston and teaming up with James Harden and Kevin McHale. This is the best fit for him, for his game, and for his sanity.

Lakers fans will scream, “he won’t leave $30 million on the table”. I say if he stays in LA, it’ll be the most miserable $30 million anyone has ever made.

Why stay under the tyrannical rule of Kobe Bryant. Who did nothing but punk Howard all year long?

Why stay and play for a coach who’s more concerned about his “system” than getting wins?

Why continue to play for fans who blame him for everything that went wrong with that disastrous season, which was doomed from the jump?

Houston is the place to be.

Houston is where he can be his carefree, fun self and not have Kobe giving him the Death Stare every time he cracks a joke in the locker room…


Houston is where he has the best chance to win, because there is no winning anytime soon in LA.

Some may say Golden State is a better spot to win now, but Golden State would need to give up some key pieces to make a deal work so that knocks them back. Plus I think Harden is better than Steph Curry. The Harden/Howard combo is a lot more formidable than a Curry/Howard combo.

All of the positives in this situation point to Houston, especially on the basketball side.

I’d like Laker fans to chime in and give me any basketball related positives they can find, that would entice Howard to stay.

You’ll have a hard time finding one, if any. All LA has going for it is that extra $30 million, that’s it. Old roster, dumb coach, inept front office, and an aging superstar, who while great, is difficult to play with and coming off of a major injury.

Man Up Dwight and say goodbye to Los Angeles. This is not the time to allow guilt and feelings to come into play as they did in Orlando, when he foolishly signed that one year deal.

The time is now, he’s gotta man up and take control of his basketball future. If he wants that future to have any relevance, if he has plans on ever being an elite player again, he will become a Houston Rocket.


– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

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