Hip Hop Crooners IV: Lauryn Hill

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I can’t be the only person who was in love with Lauryn Hill. She was beautiful, could sing her ass off, AND spit a mean 16

She was like LeBron James in Cleveland the way she carried the Fugees. Don’t get me wrong, Wyclef and Pras were cool, but on “Fugee-La”, do you remember any of Wyclef’s verse? Yeah I thought so. I remember her verse and the “Oh-la-la-la” hook is legendary…

The multi-talented artist is the poster child for Hip Hop Crooners. She could’ve put out a pure hip-hop album or straight r&b album and either one would’ve killed the charts.

“The Score” had everyone drooling with anticipation. People couldn’t wait to see what she’d do on her own. Well all she did was create one of the greatest albums ever. A musical masterpiece, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” still gets heavy rotation in the Tragic Johnson offices.

L-Boogie was ill on the mic….

Then she could flip it and just sing you to tears…listen to this woman’s voice…

And no auto-tune or lip-syncing required…

It’s a shame she never followed that up with another studio album, but things happen. A little bit of Marley here, a couple of babies there, with some tax issues and now jail time.

It always seems like the most talented among us have the most “issues”. I just know I’m keeping my daughter away from any and all Marley’s.

My hope is that she can turn it around and get her life together. Even if she never makes another song, her footprint in the game looms large and we truly appreciate what she’s given us.

Tragic Johnson salute to Miss Lauryn Hill aka L-Boogie!

– N.D. Face

Let us know in the comments section which Lauryn Hill song is your favorite.

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