Does Anyone Want Brandon Jennings???

Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

Brandon Jennings can’t be a happy camper right now. He hit the free agent market with the hopes of getting a lucrative, long term deal.

As I write this, he has yet to be signed. Aside from the qualifying offer Milwaukee made of 1-year $4.5 million, he hasn’t gotten a sniff from any other team. His own team went after another young pg in Jeff Teague rather than offer him a multi-year deal.

That would make me feel some kinda way. I can’t help but think of that episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will’s biological pops showed up, only to ditch him again.

I can see Jennings in his agent’s office teary eyed, lip quivering asking “how come nobody want me man?”


Bballbreakdown has a thorough video that shows part of the reason why NBA execs just aren’t interested, check it out…

The numbers are pretty mindblowing. Coach Nick was on point and the numbers don’t lie. The fact that a player like Jennings, with quicks and sick handle doesn’t get more shots in the paint, shows he relies too much on his jumpshot.

Its one thing to be a volume shooter, its another to be a volume shooter of bad shots. Allen Iverson shot a lot, but he also got into the paint and went to freethrow line more than anyone other than Shaq.

Jennings needs to take a page out of the AI book. He should live in the lane. If he really made up his mind to attack the paint continuously, it would change the way the Bucks played ball. It would open up the floor for his teammates and create easier, more makeable shots for himself.

These days, with more and more teams hiring numbers people, rather than basketball people to make decisions, the name of the game is efficiency. Teams are looking at PER and +/- numbers more than ever. Its a metrics driven league now. If he drove more and settled less, his percentages would rise and he’d be a much more attractive option.

The guy has all of the ingredients to be a really good lead guard in the NBA. What he makes with those ingredients is entirely up to him. At this point, he’s definitely not a candidate for Top Chef, but he’s young and he’s far from a finished product.

This is your wake-up call Mr. Jennings. The NBA has spoken and they don’t like how you play ball.

Now stop crying, go hug Uncle Phil, and go get your game in order.

– N.D. Face


UPDATE – It turns out Joe Dumars wants Brandon Jennings. The Bucks and Pistons pulled off a trade last night and Jennings is heading to Detroit, while Brandon Knight is heading to Milwaukee. With the recent signing of Chauncey Billups, Dumars must believe Billups can help mold Jennings into the star point guard some people expect him to be. Oh and he got a 3 year $24 million deal in the process. What looked like a disastrous summer for Jennings, has turned into a breath of fresh air and a new beginning. No one is happier than his agent right now…whew, that was a close one!

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3 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want Brandon Jennings???

  1. THIS JUST IN! Apparently, The Pistons want Jennings because they just traded Brandon Knight for him. The Bucks are sign-and-trading him to a 3-year
    $24 million deal. Slava Kravtsov and Khris Middleton are also included with Knight. Lets hope the Pistons stud line-up of bigs doesnt make Jennings force more shots by deter him away from the paint. At least Detroit has Monroe, Drummond & Josh Smith to grab his misses.Joe Dumars may be desperate to keep his job, but this risk seems worth it.

    • Joe D is counting on Billups to play mentor and bring the best out of Jennings. Dumars has been shaky at best with his decision making since Darko. Lets see if he’s finally made some good moves. A lot of young talent, with vets. They might be able to make a run at a 7-8 seed

      • This may be Jennings best shot at improving his efficacy if he’s open to being taught by Billups. Excluding the Stuckey re-signing, theyve had a very good offseason & drafted some solid talent in Mitchell & Siva. My biggest concern is coach Mo Cheeks. He’s too soft & has never been successful in about 2 decades of coaching. Assistant Sheed shouldnt provide more than a defensive voice from the bench for the bigs. He may be a great voice for Josh Smith since their games have similarities.

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