Anthony Tolliver Signs With Bobcats

Atlanta Hawks v Golden State Warriors

Yeah its been really slow this summer on the bball front and we apologize for being slackers, but my eyes lit up when I saw that Anthony Tolliver was signing with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Not because this is some monumental move that’s going to change the balance of power in the east.

Oh no, I got excited because this allows me to show you all why I even know who this journeyman is.

You see Tolliver, while playing for the Golden State Warriors, got BAPTIZED by Amar’e Stoudemire a few years back.

The dunk was so nasty, that Tolliver is forever etched into my mind.

To refresh your memory…..

Hell Yes Mr Announcer, you had it right…”That was SAVAGE!” indeed. Game of Thrones style savagery on the basketball court.

Good Luck in Charlotte Mr. Tolliver, Amar’e sends his regards.

– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

One thought on “Anthony Tolliver Signs With Bobcats

  1. I forgot about that. Ouch! Too bad Amare is already a shadow of himself. At least he’s getting paid $22mil a year for helping the Knicks get no further than the 2nd round each year.

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