Throwback Thursday: Allen Iverson


Multiple media outlets are reporting that Allen Iverson will be officially retiring from basketball this week. Its a pretty uneventful end to the career of one of the toughest, most influential, and controversial athletes to ever play any sport.

Say the name Allen Iverson and the reactions you get will vary greatly.

Ask one guy and he’ll tell you he was pound for pound, the toughest player to ever play basketball.

Ask another and they’ll tell you he was too “street” and is the poster child for the “thug” image that swept through the NBA prior to Commissioner Stern implementing the current dress code.

Ask my sister and she’ll say that’s her baby daddy.

For better or worse, he always did things his own way. On one hand he was a trailblazer and on the other, him doing it his way may be one of the reasons why he was never welcomed back in the league.

A lot of people wanted to see A.I. take a lesser role with a contender and show he could fit in. But could you imagine Iverson being the human white flag like Tracy McGrady was for the Spurs this past season? Neither could I

He was quite the player and quite the lightening rod equally for criticism, praise, and adoration. I always loved watching him play, so today we wanted to pay homage to the legend by showing a few of our favorite A.I. moments. Defining moments that show you the enigma which is Allen Iverson…

1. The MJ Crossover

Crossing up the G.O.A.T. gets you instant props. He could’ve retired right there and been a legend.

2. The Destruction of Antonio Daniels

See, what you aint gon do is make me fall twice. You must go down…you must go down hard! The MJ cross is the most revered, but this one right here might be the best move of his career. Also, peep Arenas with the throwdown on the following possession…damn!

3. “We talkin’ bout practice….”

Sadly, this press conference will be used to sum up his career. He gave it his all on the court, off the court…not so much.


I don’t have time to list all of my favorite moments, but feel free to comment and let us know what your favorite A.I. moments/plays are.

See you in Springfield Mr Iverson…

– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Allen Iverson

  1. Aside from his amazing crossovers I use to love watching him dunk in-game, which he did a lot during his first several seasons. He got got up there with such ease and he’s really only about 5’10!

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