Basketball 101 with Professor Mamba


Kobe Bryant is days away from making his return to an NBA court. As a fan of basketball and the NBA, I’m ecstatic. No matter how you feel about the man, the game is better with him in it.

As an observer though, I’ll be watching his return to see if there’s a change in his leadership style.

We’ve seen Kobe go from 17-year old rookie to all-time NBA legend. But there’s one thing we’ve never seen Kobe do and that’s be a teacher. With the way this team is setup, there are a lot of young, unproven, but very talented players on this roster. For the 1st time in his career, the Black Mamba has to become Professor Mamba.

There’s a reason great players are never great coaches. They don’t have the patience to deal with the mistakes, lack of passion, and low bball IQ’s of lesser players. We’ve seen this from Kobe as recent as last season in his failed relationship with Dwight Howard. I hope he’s learned that approach will not work with this youthful cast.

Now more than ever, Kobe needs to grab Nick Young, Xavier Henry, and Wesley Johnson and take them under his wing and TEACH these guys. He has to instill confidence and trust in these guys. He can’t go out there and do it all on his own, that’s how he ended up with a popped Achilles.

With the Lakers signing Kobe to a 2-year $48 million extension today, it’s imperative for their future that KB24 handles these young guys the right way. After riding the pine his whole career, Henry is finally flashing the goods that had him ranked as the best high school player in the country only a few years ago.

So much talent, looking for the right hand to guide them. My eyes will be glued on LA to see if class is in session.

– N.D. Face

About N.D. Face

Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

2 thoughts on “Basketball 101 with Professor Mamba

  1. For a few seasons many analysts have been preaching the same about Kobe needing to finally begin sharing some of his responsibilities with his team mates. 17 seasons of ball hogging will not be undone. Kobe has never been part of any players improving in his presence and people need to accept this already. I believe there are 2 reasons for this. The first is Kobe refuses to be 2nd option to anyone at anytime in his stubborn desire to out-accomplish Jordan. Secondly, his work ethic is so insanely high that I cant believe he would allow anyone to take responsibility from him unless they outwork him and, lets be honest, that’s virtually impossible. I see this season ending like many others have. Kobe’s teammates will succeed in his absence & disappear in hiss presence due to lack of touches. So Kobe wont change in 2.5 remaining seasons and will retire known as hard-working, over paid( with his $48mil 2-year extension) and selfish to his teams detriment.

  2. A torn ACL is not the end of the world anymore as it once was in the NBA but Kobe is 35 and his tear was complete. 3rd degree (total disconnect). I would not put it past him to come back and be a very good player but he is not worth $48 million over two years. The Lakers are signaling that they know they are not going to contend for the next couple of years and they want to retain him so he fills seats. Lakers faithful will believe Kobes passion to win #6 and match Jordan will rule the day but I would not bet on it. He will retire a Laker after this extension runs its course. A nice parting gift from an organization that he has done so much for. In the meantime he will keep the seats full and on occasion turn it on and seem like the Kobe of old. Cant beat father time though. That guy beats them all.

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