Throwback Thursday: The Day Brad Miller Almost Died


I was watching some NBA games last night and saw Blake Griffin catch another hard foul as he went to the basket from Boston’s Jared Sullinger.

Looks like this is becoming an every game occurrence. Normally, Blake just takes it and really doesn’t say or do anything retaliatory. But last night after the foul, he threw a mean elbow at Sullinger. It didn’t connect, but you can tell the frustration is starting to rise in the Drake-like Griffin.

Blake is getting his share of hard fouls, but no one got it worse than Shaquille O’Neal. I can’t recall anyone getting hammered on a nightly basis as much as Shaq. There were guys on teams whose sole purpose of being in the league was to foul Shaq.

Now before you call me a Shaq apologist, trust that I know Shaq dished out his fair share of abuse on people too. Just ask Dikembe Mutumbo, Arvidas Sabonis, or Chris Dudley.

I always wondered when would enough be enough. When would the Diesel get sick and tired of being sick and tired

Well one night in Chicago, Shaq had finally had all that he could stand. He finally snapped.

After getting mollywhooped by Charles Oakley and Brad Miller, Shaq went after Miller in a pure rage…Skip ahead to 1:19 in the video…

Here’s the fight in its entirety: Shaquille O’Neal Almost Kills Brad Miller

Sheesh!!! He missed but could you imagine what would’ve happened had this punch landed? I can. Brad Miller would have died people….I’m not joking. He would have expired right there on the court.

The wind force created by that whiff was enough to power California for 3 days. 2 ball boys needed to be hospitalized because of the sheer power of that right hook.

So will Blake ever snap like this? Does he need to snap like this? Will the constant hard fouls boil over or will he always do nothing and forever be known as Drake Griffin?

There’s only so much one can take.

– N.D. Face

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Blogger and lover of ALL things related to and about the game of basketball.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday: The Day Brad Miller Almost Died

  1. Let the irony begin from the guy using Blakes namesake. I’m personally glad to see players hacking Blake considering he regularly gets away with fouling other players. Many of his dunks can easily be called offensive fouls with that off arm he constantly uses to clear the space to get the dunk, which is a foul by rule. Griffin also regularly pushes defenders off him while looking to establish position and pushes opponents as he runs to positions or just around the court. I honestly don’t understand how refs dont call more fouls on him. He should be averaging 5 fouls a game, not 2. It may be wrong to let defenders regularly foul Lebron because he’s strong enough to take it, but its understandable to a small degree given he has the ability to play through it unlike most other. Thats not applicable to Griffin who doesnt even have the cojones to play in the post, let alone develop a post game. Let the punk continue to get fouled in what I believe is player retribution for Griffins underhanded cheating. There’s a reason I came up with the name “Flake Griffin”. He’s a punk and true greats dont resort to his weak tactics, especially with the skills & athleticism he possesses. If he doesnt improve his approach to the game, he may become another Dwight Coward; another player who falls short of maximizing his talents.

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