TJB Presents: The Snubbies


All-Star reserves were announced last night and there were some guys who finally realized a dream. They’re officially an NBA All-Star.

They’ll be in the big game on All-Star Sunday night, showing the world their skills in the best pick-up game you’ll ever see.

For others, last night was about that bullsh*t. There were some serious snubs last night and I’m sure there were more than a few guys at home feeling rather salty.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2014 Snubbies…(Orchestra begins to play).

I wasn’t too upset with the Eastern Conference. Toronto and Atlanta deserved a player. Damar Derozan was a great choice. Atlanta could’ve gone with Teague or Milsap, but I think Milsap was the right choice.

John Wall deserved his spot and so did Chris Bosh, who’s been tearing it up for the Heat. But Joe Johnson??? Word???

Lance Stephenson, you deserve a Snubby. Anyone who’s watched the Pacers should know that one of the main reasons for their great season is Stephenson finally showing consistency. He’s not just out there making the occasional fancy play or breaking an ankle (Sorry Courtney Lee). Stephenson has turned into a major contributor on a championship contending team. He should’ve been an All-Star.

There were some other names in the east who were nominated for a Snubby like Jeff Teague, Kyle Lowry, Bradley Beal, Michael Carter-Williams, and Kemba Walker barely got in. But Stephenson was the only player in the east who should’ve been there and isn’t. Snubby for you dude!

Out west there were definitely some Snubby nominees. Goran Dragic, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Eric Bledsoe. All of these guys were worthy of All-Star selection.

But I’m giving out 2 Snubbies and they’re going to Dragic and Cousins.

Up until this year, Dragic was best known for being on a Derrick Rose poster…

Yeah I guess he didn’t get the memo. But he’s quietly turned into one of the best guards in the west. Early on, Eric Bledsoe was the motor for that Phoenix team. But once he went down, Dragic has stepped his game up and has allowed the team still thrive even with Bledsoe out. Goran Dragic, you get a Snubby my dude, you should’ve been an All-Star.


There was a lot of deabte over this one, but I truly feel like DeMarcus Cousins should be an All-Star. His numbers are up and his technicals are down. Dare I say he’s maturing…hopefully so.

There’s so much talent mixed in with whatever the hell is going on in his head. But it looks like he’s found a nice balance and he’s been a beast on the floor this year for the Kings.


I know my buddy and loyal reader, Flake Griffin, is going to disagree but look at the stats. Cousins averages more points, rebounds, assists, and steals. His player efficiency rating is also higher. Cousins, you get my Snubby. You should be an All-Star.

Hopefully with injuries, the NBA office, now led by new commissioner Adam Silver will right this wrong and get these two guys added to the West roster.

So who gets your Snubbies? Do you agree or disagree with me? Did the coaches/fans get it right? Let us know.

– N.D. Face 

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