Guess I’m Not Going to Be a Billionaire



Damn you Warren Buffett! I really thought I had a shot at that billi. I guess I’m like most folks whose shot at Buffett’s money went out the window when Ohio St lost to Dayton.

Or maybe you were feeling yourself when you picked that one AND North Dakota St, only to be blindsided by Mercer beating Duke. The Dayton/OSU game was really a toss up in my eyes, but who in the name of James Naismith picked Mercer over Duke? I bet even the Mercer players picked Duke in their brackets.

So I looked at my brackets today and they had so much red on them, they reminded me of when Ricky got shot by Rondo in Boyz n da Hood


My saving grace is that 6 of my Elite 8 are still alive, so i’m winning one of the pools I’m in, but no billion. Guess I’ll have to keep my day job.

This is truly the greatest time of the year in sports for me. I love the NBA playoffs, but the better team usually wins in a 7-game series.

In the NCAA tourney, all it takes is one hot shooting night and David can beat Goliath.

I love seeing a team start the game hoping they can win. As the game goes on and they’re still in it, that hope turns into belief. That belief breeds confidence and you actually see the underdog begin to play free. Next thing you know, Mercer is beating Duke.

Dayton has carried their belief to the Elite 8 after beating Stanford last night. Cinderella has arrived at the dance and March Madness has once again lived up to its name.


So what upsets will we see tonight? I’m intrigued by 2 games. Kentucky vs Louisville and Virginia vs Michigan State. The questions I have about tonight’s games…

Can the kids from Kentucky take out defending champ Louisville? They’re both peaking at the absolute right time, but can UK sustain this high level of play? The UK/Wichita State game was THE best game of the entire tourney. They’ll need a similar performance tonight.

Will anyone be able to score in the Virginia/Michigan State game? Two extremely physical, strong defensive minded teams. Hopefully, the refs will let them play because this has classic written all over it.

I got you next year Buffett, mark my words. That billion will be mine (insert evil laugh).

Enjoy the games!

– N.D. Face