About Us

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog.

Tragic Johnson is a blog about basketball of all levels – playground to NBA to international leagues as well as pop culture that inspires or is inspired by basketball.

Who are we? Just a couple of gymrats who love the game. We are not professional journalists, but we are living our dream of finding an outlet to share our love and knowledge of the game with readers who are just as passionate as we are. Although we are not professionals, we still would like this blog to live by a code – the Technical Fouls. If we do not live by our code, it is up to YOU to let us know.

Technical Fouls
1. Cursing and racial epithets.
2. Commentary on a player’s personal/family life unless it relates to child support or financial mismanagement. We are not TMZ. If you want this kind of content, go there.
3. Content that is not respectful towards women, however, that will not stop us from celebrating the beauty of women.
4. Plagiarism. We will do our best to source content that inspire us.
5. We welcome feedback of all nature from readership. No trolling though. If it is foul negativity, then it will be removed from the message board.

So check out the posts and feel free to comment and share with your friends

GPA Baller & N.D. Face

Have any thoughts? Feel free to share with us...

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