Shaquille O’Sherman


We here at TJB watch all sports, well except hockey, so we watch almost all sports. So we were definitely tuned in to Championship Sunday and saw the Richard Sherman rant heard round the world.

My thoughts are that it was a raw and real moment. Every sport is trying to get you closer and closer to the game, to try and bring the viewers into the field of play. You want all-access, Sherman gave it to you.

You got a chance to see what Crabtree heard in his helmet for an entire football game. Dude was hyped and sans him using the N-word, I loved it.

But what else did you expect when you throw a mic into the face of a guy, minutes after he makes a game winning play on the guy he’s been trash talking with for a whole week, in the biggest game of his life?

Its like running up on a pride of lions after a kill, that’s not the place you want to be with a microphone trying to get someone to articulate their thoughts.

The reaction was rather surprising though. Sherman is not the 1st athlete nor last to lose it in a postgame presser. Shaquille O’Neal had a Sherman moment. It was one of the best postgame interviews ever in life back during the 2003-04 season after a game in Toronto…

You think Erin Andrews was scared, imagine being that guy interviewing an angry Shaq.

“Shaq we’re on live….”



“I know…and I’m sorry sir, please don’t dunk me”

If you want the postgame interviews and the all-access cameras/mics and sideline reporters, this is sometimes going to happen and I’m cool with it. Give me the truth, give me the emotion, bring me in. I can handle it.

Otherwise, the alternative is this….

– N.D. Face

Throwback Thursday: The Day Brad Miller Almost Died


I was watching some NBA games last night and saw Blake Griffin catch another hard foul as he went to the basket from Boston’s Jared Sullinger.

Looks like this is becoming an every game occurrence. Normally, Blake just takes it and really doesn’t say or do anything retaliatory. But last night after the foul, he threw a mean elbow at Sullinger. It didn’t connect, but you can tell the frustration is starting to rise in the Drake-like Griffin.

Blake is getting his share of hard fouls, but no one got it worse than Shaquille O’Neal. I can’t recall anyone getting hammered on a nightly basis as much as Shaq. There were guys on teams whose sole purpose of being in the league was to foul Shaq.

Now before you call me a Shaq apologist, trust that I know Shaq dished out his fair share of abuse on people too. Just ask Dikembe Mutumbo, Arvidas Sabonis, or Chris Dudley.

I always wondered when would enough be enough. When would the Diesel get sick and tired of being sick and tired

Well one night in Chicago, Shaq had finally had all that he could stand. He finally snapped.

After getting mollywhooped by Charles Oakley and Brad Miller, Shaq went after Miller in a pure rage…Skip ahead to 1:19 in the video…

Here’s the fight in its entirety: Shaquille O’Neal Almost Kills Brad Miller

Sheesh!!! He missed but could you imagine what would’ve happened had this punch landed? I can. Brad Miller would have died people….I’m not joking. He would have expired right there on the court.

The wind force created by that whiff was enough to power California for 3 days. 2 ball boys needed to be hospitalized because of the sheer power of that right hook.

So will Blake ever snap like this? Does he need to snap like this? Will the constant hard fouls boil over or will he always do nothing and forever be known as Drake Griffin?

There’s only so much one can take.

– N.D. Face

Creating travel delays for your fellow traveler is bad basketball juju

Check out the video above to see how UF lost to UConn last night.  In Gainesville, there were at least 50 people who were not annoyed by the loss.  Delta cancelled a flight of 50 passengers in Gainesville who were traveling to Atlanta, so it could give the plane to the UF basketball team to be used as a charter to take the team to Connecticut for the game.  Of course, the UF program is disclaiming any knowledge that their charter screwed over the waiting passengers.  Hey Gators, follow the golden rule next time and maybe you won’t get your hearts broken at the buzzer.


All is right in the world

TJB Readers:

Check out the new Foot Locker ad campaign as Kyrie Irving tries to put right all that is wrong in the world.  I particularly loved the fact that Craig Sager set fire to his closet full of hideous blazers.  Enjoy!!


The Crossover: NFL to NBA

I don’t know about you, but I’m always thinking about basketball.

Even in the offseason, I’m reading about it, talking about it, playing it. Not so much writing about it (forgive us for being so damn lazy).

But you’d think with the NFL season in high gear and me having two gangsta fantasy football squads, that my full attention would be on football….not so fast my friend.


I was watching this past weekend’s games and I got to thinking, there are some amazing athletes playing football, I wonder how many of them could probably hoop.

Looking back at retired players, you probably know about Randy Moss and his basketball history. He played high school ball with former NBA guard Jason “White Chocolate” Williams in West Virginia. Peep the clip and see Moss in action…

Deion Sanders looked like he was able to play some ball as well, rocking the A.C. Green jheri curl in his appearances in the old school Footlocker Dunk contests. Terrell Owens’ hoop dreams are pretty well-documented. Even Cris Carter showed out one year, making this one hand reverse dunk look quite easy

But the athletes of today’s NFL are bigger, stronger, and faster….so which NFL players from today could play in the NBA? Not considering those who hooped in college (Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, etc.), we already know about their bball exploits

My Top 3 NFL to NBA players….

1. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson – If you’ve ever seen this guy snag a touchdown out of the air, you already know he’s a freak of nature. 6’5″ + 45″ vertical leap + long arms + huge hands = Grown Ass Man. I see him being a shooting guard, playing above the rim. Not a bad player to have on your squad.



2. A.J. Green – Green is arguably the best WR in the NFL. He makes amazing catches look routine. In high school he was an all-state performer and played in one of the most memorable games in that state’s championship history. I see the 6’4″ Green, who boasts a 35″ vertical leap, being a D-Wade type of 2-guard. Slasher, using his agility and quickness to get to the hoop. And yes, he will bam on your head if you aint ready. Plus, with his long, wiry body type he probably would’ve been a great defender as well.



3. Andre Johnson – If Calvin is Megatron, Andre is Optimus Prime. 6’3″, 230lbs, 41″ vert, he looks more linebacker than wide receiver. Being from Miami, I saw him hoop in high school at Miami High and have played against him a few times. He’s one of the most explosive athletes I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, getting eyebrow/nose high on alley-oop dunks in games. Dre would’ve been a nice SG had he focused on hoops.



4. Dez Bryant – At just over 6’2″, weighing in at 224lbs, Bryant is built like a Chauncey Billups style, power point guard. But is faster and has a higher vertical. Not sure why he chose to risk his career by attempting to jump over a cameraman’s head (Dumbass!!!) but what the hell, Y.O.L.O. right???


Did I miss anybody? Who do you all think would be good NFL to NBA crossovers

– N.D. Face

Throwback Thursday: Allen Iverson


Multiple media outlets are reporting that Allen Iverson will be officially retiring from basketball this week. Its a pretty uneventful end to the career of one of the toughest, most influential, and controversial athletes to ever play any sport.

Say the name Allen Iverson and the reactions you get will vary greatly.

Ask one guy and he’ll tell you he was pound for pound, the toughest player to ever play basketball.

Ask another and they’ll tell you he was too “street” and is the poster child for the “thug” image that swept through the NBA prior to Commissioner Stern implementing the current dress code.

Ask my sister and she’ll say that’s her baby daddy.

For better or worse, he always did things his own way. On one hand he was a trailblazer and on the other, him doing it his way may be one of the reasons why he was never welcomed back in the league.

A lot of people wanted to see A.I. take a lesser role with a contender and show he could fit in. But could you imagine Iverson being the human white flag like Tracy McGrady was for the Spurs this past season? Neither could I

He was quite the player and quite the lightening rod equally for criticism, praise, and adoration. I always loved watching him play, so today we wanted to pay homage to the legend by showing a few of our favorite A.I. moments. Defining moments that show you the enigma which is Allen Iverson…

1. The MJ Crossover

Crossing up the G.O.A.T. gets you instant props. He could’ve retired right there and been a legend.

2. The Destruction of Antonio Daniels

See, what you aint gon do is make me fall twice. You must go down…you must go down hard! The MJ cross is the most revered, but this one right here might be the best move of his career. Also, peep Arenas with the throwdown on the following possession…damn!

3. “We talkin’ bout practice….”

Sadly, this press conference will be used to sum up his career. He gave it his all on the court, off the court…not so much.


I don’t have time to list all of my favorite moments, but feel free to comment and let us know what your favorite A.I. moments/plays are.

See you in Springfield Mr Iverson…

– N.D. Face

Role Playing: Which guy are you?

ND Face and I were kicking around ideas for a summer basketball feature a few months ago and we came up with this concept.  Unfortunately, Nike and Dude Perfect released theirs first.  Nevertheless, this video is very well done and I laughed more than a few times while watching it.  If you see yourself reflected in this video, it is time to hit the courts alone and brush up on your skills.


Anthony Tolliver Signs With Bobcats

Atlanta Hawks v Golden State Warriors

Yeah its been really slow this summer on the bball front and we apologize for being slackers, but my eyes lit up when I saw that Anthony Tolliver was signing with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Not because this is some monumental move that’s going to change the balance of power in the east.

Oh no, I got excited because this allows me to show you all why I even know who this journeyman is.

You see Tolliver, while playing for the Golden State Warriors, got BAPTIZED by Amar’e Stoudemire a few years back.

The dunk was so nasty, that Tolliver is forever etched into my mind.

To refresh your memory…..

Hell Yes Mr Announcer, you had it right…”That was SAVAGE!” indeed. Game of Thrones style savagery on the basketball court.

Good Luck in Charlotte Mr. Tolliver, Amar’e sends his regards.

– N.D. Face



Here at Tragic Johnson, we take a lot of pride in our basketball knowledge. We don’t think we know it all, by any means, but we believe we know enough to want to spread that knowledge out in the blogosphere.

The other thing we talk pride in is our actual basketball skills. We don’t just write about hoops, we can actually play and I think I’m pretty damn good.

So when Nike Basketball started the “Summer is Serious” campaign and gave us ballers a chance to show off our skills, with the hopes of being chosen by Kevin Durant and James harden for the ultimate pick-up game….we had to jump in.

I just submitted my video via my twitter account @ND_Face and lets see if my video gets chosen.

Shoutout to my cousin for coming out and filming this. He did an amazing job on the editing as well. Make sure you guys follow him on twitter @Dannylo_3Seven

I’ve posted it below for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all and KD and The Beard like it!

Let me know what you think…..

Also, big up to Dade County artist Ghostwridah for letting us borrow his track for this endeavor, good looking out Hometeam!

– N.D. Face