The Sneaker Line Commandments


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The Nike Lebron X EXT “Denim” were released yesterday and as usual, there were people camped out in line to cop the latest kicks from Nike and The King.

I’ve stood in line for kicks a few times in my life and felt like an ass doing it. Most recently I was at Soles Inc. in Coconut Grove, FL to get the Air Jordan XIII’s for my nephew. I felt like every car/person that passed by was judging me for standing outside a shoe store, waiting for sneakers.

10381217-largeIf you’ve ever waited in line for sneakers, you know what the drill is. Like Biggie said in the 10 Crack Commandments, there’s rules to this stuff. The Sneaker Line Commandments….

Thou shall get there early
Thou shall be patient
Thou shalt not hold spots in line
Thou shalt not skip
Thou shall hope they have your size when its your turn

Its usually a pleasant experience, as you get to chatting with people about kicks and sports amongst other topics, as you wait in line for the store to open.

There’s always the obligatory girl, who tries to sashay her way to the front of the line violating one of the commandments. Thinking because she’s cute, dudes will let her slide. Ha! Nice try sweetie.

The day I was in line, this cute gal walked right passed the line to the front and tried to enter the store. The following exchange occurred…

Guy Behind Me: Ummm, Sweetheart, where you going?
Cute Girl: To get some shoes (smiles)
Guy Behind Me: Da f*ck you think? We standing out here for our health? Its called “a line” shawty and you WILL wait in it (hitchhiker thumb directing her to the back of the line)

That gorgeous smile probably gets her plenty of freebies and favors, but she learned the hard way, skipping in the sneaker line will not be tolerated. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real.

line-for-jordansWell after what happened at a shoe store in Atlanta Saturday, looks like we need to add “thou shall pack heat” to the Sneaker Line Commandments.

Apparently, someone felt the sneaker line was a good place for a robbery. If you’re the would-be robber, this sounds like a great idea. There’s some 20 – 40 people in line, all with at least $200 to purchase their kicks. Why not run up on some of them and get what you can? Well maybe one of the guys in line is toting a firearm, that’s why not!

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said robber was shot and killed while trying to strong arm folks in line for the LeBron’s. The shooter, who was licensed to carry his weapon, saw what was going on, got out of line and shot the would-be robber dead. He then proceeded to return back to his place in line and wait for his shoes.

Let that marinate for a bit……………..He shot and killed a guy, then got back in line for his shoes. Nothing was stopping this man from getting his kicks. The Sneaker Line Commandments are real!

I wonder if anyone let him skip…..

– N.D Face

Throwback Thursday: Dee Brown & Reebok Pumps

Remember that? It was one of the more iconic brand moments in sports history.

tumblr_lsdv3l0RH31r2mz4xo1_500Dominique Wilkins was the 1st player to rock the Pumps. It was basically his signature shoe. It was a novelty at the time, being extremely expensive because of the new technology. You didn’t see a lot of dudes in the hood rocking these….Until the 1991 dunk contest.

Boston Celtic rookie Dee Brown, virtually unknown to the basketball public at the time, was getting ready to do his 1st dunk in the contest. I know I was excited to see what the little guy could do. It was a stroke of genius to put that ball down and start pumping up those shoes.

I’m still not sure if he did this on his own or if Reebok encouraged him to do it, but it was an incredible moment in sneaker history. He then followed it up with an impressive dunk. The moment that ball went through the rim, every teenage boy in America thinks if they get Pumps and get a slope fade, they’ll dunk on all of their friends, somehow become quicker, and get that cute girl on the school bus to notice them.

Reebok sold a ton of shoes after this. I hope Brown got a nice bonus, because it was his performance that got the teenage imaginations to run wild, even though I think Shawn Kemp was robbed.

This could’ve turned out a whole lot different though. Could you imagine if he had pumped the shoes up and did this?

I still can’t believe Darrell Armstrong did a layup…damn son. If Brown had done that, Reebok might’ve gone out of business. Who’s paying $200 for shoes to do layups?

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers

So while I’m a Nike guy at heart, we give a Tragic Johnson salute to Dee Brown and the Reebok Pump.

BTW, How the hell did Shawn Kemp not get a 50 on this dunk? This is one of the most underrated dunks in contest history!

You got robbed Reign Man!

– N.D. Face

Sneakerheads Play Golf Too


Lost in the hoopla of the Tiger Woods/Sergio Garcia spat at The Player’s Championship was Tiger unveiling his new golf kicks.


I bet you’re there saying “Hold up, I thought this was a basketball blog” and it is, but we can’t play bball forever. I’ve begun the transition from putting that orange roundball in the net, to putting that little white ball in the hole. It seems to be the natural evolution of things. Your knees and ankles can only take so much, ask Kobe.


As picky as I am with my bball kicks, I’m equally as choosy with my golf kicks. If I’m going to be out there walking around for 4-5 hours, I need to be comfy and I need to be fly. I loved the TW 13 Free’s and the TW 14 model looks like they’ve taken it up a notch.

Some info from

b7f38ced-0029-477c-bd83-e52c2da83877Through his inspiration, hands-on testing and detailed feedback, Nike Golf has continued to collaborate with Woods on the Nike TW’14, further enhancing fit, feel and function.

The natural motion engineered outsole of the Nike TW’14 is designed to mimic and conform to the innate movement of the foot and still deliver all the protection and traction of a lightweight performance golf shoe. This innovative outsole allows the athlete to keep contact with the ground longer, better harnessing the energy of the foot to the shoe, and therefore, the shoe to the ground.

The new TW’14 footwear stays true to Woods’s signature colors, White, Black and Red. A new colorway of Cool Grey with Vivid Blue and Venom Green accents also will be available.


Its a great shoe and if you golf, I highly recommend you get a pair. But whats even better for my sneakerheads is that for the 1st time ever, Nike is introducing a fully customizable TW 14 iD version.

I think this is absolutely brilliant. People wear a lot of wild colors on the golf course, I’m guessing to distract from their awful swings. So to be able to get a pair of TW’s in any color you could think of is an intriguing proposition and Nike should bank off of this decision.

The Nike TW’14 Black/Reflective Silver-Varsity Red colorway will be available June 7; the Cool Grey/Black-Vivid Blue-Venom Green will be available Aug. 1 (MSRP: $220; MAP/Street: $180).

The Nike TW’14 iD  will be on preview starting May 20 and available June 7 (MSRP: $ 225).

So will my ballers/golfers out there be getting a pair? Or will you jump on the now discounted TW 13’s? Let us know!

– N.D. Face

Nike Unveils 2013 Hyperdunks


When I hoop, I don’t just hoop in any shoe I can find. I’m extremely selective in choosing my footwear. And with the price of kicks these days, you’ve got to make sure you make a sound investment.

The last pair of kicks I bought were the 2012 Hyperdunks and I’m loving these shoes. Super lightweight, excellent fit, with great cushioning from the Lunarlon soles. If I could change anything, I’d add some extra heel cushioning, but I love playing in these shoes.

So I was excited as all hell to see the 2013 version of this shoe. According to, the show will be dropping globally July 20th. Just in time for all of the summer leagues and AAU ball.

Here’s more info and pics from

Now in its new 2013 edition, the Nike Hyperdunk continues to evolve. Designed by Peter Fogg, a trailblazing Nike footwear designer, the Hyperdunk lives up to his impeccable reputation for design. Over the past two decades, Fogg has created some of the brand’s most coveted shoes for running and All Conditions Gear (ACG), including the Nike Air Zoom Tallac, Nike Air Terra Humara, Nike Zoom Terra Sertig, Nike Ashiko and Nike Structure Triax.

“Although basketball shoe design has greatly transformed over nearly a century, it’s the small, crafted details that make a noticeable difference on the court,” said Fogg. “The Nike Hyperdunk 2013 moves intuitively with the foot, while the tailored tweaks we’ve made lead to an incredibly lightweight, breathable and durable shoe for both indoor and outdoor play.”

From the sole to the upper, the Nike Hyperdunk 2013 builds on its minimalist aesthetic with three of basketball’s most transformative technologies: Dynamic Flywire, Hyperfuse construction and Lunarlon cushioning. The lightweight fit and feel of this iteration set a new standard, while the lockdown support, intuitive stability and advanced herringbone traction are based on insight from the world’s top basketball players including All-Star Point Guard, Kyrie Irving.  

“When I first put the new Hyperdunks on, I didn’t want to take them off,” said Irving. “The performance was great and I feel like the shoe’s versatility benefits my game.” 

Continuing with the less-is-more design mantra set by Avar five years ago, Nike Basketball will continue to blaze new trails in performance basketball design as Fogg’s new Nike Hyperdunk design evolves the shoe’s bold legacy.

Based on these pics, I like the look, but that’s secondary when I’m choosing a shoe to hoop in. I’m looking for a great fit and feel on the court.

I can’t wait to test the shoe out and see if there’s any improvements on the amazing 2012 model.

13_290_Nike_IA_HyperD_Group_1-02_large 13_290_Nike_IA_HyperD_Detail_1-03_large


– N.D. Face

Killer Crossover

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

NIKE has made an interesting crossover move to attract fans of the world’s #1 sport, the beautiful game — soccer or football (in England) or futbol (in the Spanish world) to its basketball footwear business.  The Kobe VIII shoe’s latest color scheme mirrors the look of NIKE’s top-tier football boot, the Mercurial Vapor — the boot on the right in the picture.  As you know, the football boot is a cleat, so it cannot be worn off the football pitch.  However, basketball footwear can be worn on and off-court and this is one of the major reasons why footwear sales in basketball reach gargantuan levels.  Through the new Kobe VIII, football fans can celebrate their love for their favorite football boot at any time.  Further, it fits what we know about Kobe as well, seen below on a soccer pitch, as he loves football.

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

Let’s hope that the next crossover Kobe shoe is not one that is meant to match Kobe’s outfits in the picture below.  What was he thinking here?  Too bad, he is not playing this offseason.  He could have taken bad fashion to new depths by wearing these outfits to the Lakers’ post-game press conferences.


Nike Basketball ELITE Series 2.0+


Nike is releasing the playoff editions of the Lebron X’s, KD V’s, and Kobe 8’s and the results are quite sick!

Championship glory inspires the Nike Basketball ELITE Series 2.0+. With LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant all competing for the same prize, the Nike LeBron X PS ELITE+, Nike Kobe 8 System ELITE+, and Nike KD V ELITE+ sport updated composition and gold accents. Each model features Nike+ technology to track performance statistics and is compatible with the updated basketball iPhone app via Bluetooth sync. The LeBron X PS ELITE+ and KD V ELITE+ are scheduled to launch on April 20th, followed by the Kobe 8 System ELITE+ on June 1st.

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Kobe 8 System ELITE

Kobe 8 System ELITE



For more pics, click here

I hope Nike didn’t spend too much bread on any Kobe commercials since they won’t be playing when his shoe comes out…IJS

– N.D. Face