The Crossover: NFL to NBA

I don’t know about you, but I’m always thinking about basketball.

Even in the offseason, I’m reading about it, talking about it, playing it. Not so much writing about it (forgive us for being so damn lazy).

But you’d think with the NFL season in high gear and me having two gangsta fantasy football squads, that my full attention would be on football….not so fast my friend.


I was watching this past weekend’s games and I got to thinking, there are some amazing athletes playing football, I wonder how many of them could probably hoop.

Looking back at retired players, you probably know about Randy Moss and his basketball history. He played high school ball with former NBA guard Jason “White Chocolate” Williams in West Virginia. Peep the clip and see Moss in action…

Deion Sanders looked like he was able to play some ball as well, rocking the A.C. Green jheri curl in his appearances in the old school Footlocker Dunk contests. Terrell Owens’ hoop dreams are pretty well-documented. Even Cris Carter showed out one year, making this one hand reverse dunk look quite easy

But the athletes of today’s NFL are bigger, stronger, and faster….so which NFL players from today could play in the NBA? Not considering those who hooped in college (Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, etc.), we already know about their bball exploits

My Top 3 NFL to NBA players….

1. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson – If you’ve ever seen this guy snag a touchdown out of the air, you already know he’s a freak of nature. 6’5″ + 45″ vertical leap + long arms + huge hands = Grown Ass Man. I see him being a shooting guard, playing above the rim. Not a bad player to have on your squad.



2. A.J. Green – Green is arguably the best WR in the NFL. He makes amazing catches look routine. In high school he was an all-state performer and played in one of the most memorable games in that state’s championship history. I see the 6’4″ Green, who boasts a 35″ vertical leap, being a D-Wade type of 2-guard. Slasher, using his agility and quickness to get to the hoop. And yes, he will bam on your head if you aint ready. Plus, with his long, wiry body type he probably would’ve been a great defender as well.



3. Andre Johnson – If Calvin is Megatron, Andre is Optimus Prime. 6’3″, 230lbs, 41″ vert, he looks more linebacker than wide receiver. Being from Miami, I saw him hoop in high school at Miami High and have played against him a few times. He’s one of the most explosive athletes I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, getting eyebrow/nose high on alley-oop dunks in games. Dre would’ve been a nice SG had he focused on hoops.



4. Dez Bryant – At just over 6’2″, weighing in at 224lbs, Bryant is built like a Chauncey Billups style, power point guard. But is faster and has a higher vertical. Not sure why he chose to risk his career by attempting to jump over a cameraman’s head (Dumbass!!!) but what the hell, Y.O.L.O. right???


Did I miss anybody? Who do you all think would be good NFL to NBA crossovers

– N.D. Face