Lebron to Opt Out

31f76-dad2527s2bback2band2bbrought2bhis2bbeltSo LeBron has advised the Heat that he’s going to exercise his early termination clause in his contract and become a free agent.

This is not a surprise. If you’re a Heat fan, you should’ve expected this. The bigger surprise would have been if LBJ opted into the deal. That would’ve been a shocker and bad for business.

In order to “retool” the roster as Pat Riley stated in his rant the other day, the Big 3 all need to opt out and take less money to get better players.

But if the players are going to take less money, owner Mickey Arison has to be willing to venture into the luxury tax zone. The meetings between the Big 3, Riles, and Arison are going to be critical to the Heat’s future.

All of these guys took pay cuts to get guys like Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller on the team. When push came to shove, Arison and Riley cut Miller because Mick didn’t want to pay any luxury tax. If I’m part of the Big 3, LeBron especially, Arison is going to need to assure me that he’s all about winning and not making a profit.

They took pay cuts to win and Mick got cheap and let a key member of the team go in order to save money.

If I’m LeBron, that decision flies in the face of all of the rhetoric Riles was spittin’ the other day about sticking it out and having guts. Don’t talk about family, having guts, and sacrifice when the owner cuts a key player to save some cash.

Arison is going to have to put up or shut up in order to keep this trio together.

In the end, I believe LeBron will stay in Miami and the team will do all possible to build a winner.

But I also never thought LeBron would sit on TV and utter the now infamous phrase “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”, so take that for what you will.

Its all a guess, but I’m guessing the King remains in South Florida, otherwise Heat fans will be falling out on Ocean Drive and not from the alcohol…



– N.D. Face





Here at Tragic Johnson, we take a lot of pride in our basketball knowledge. We don’t think we know it all, by any means, but we believe we know enough to want to spread that knowledge out in the blogosphere.

The other thing we talk pride in is our actual basketball skills. We don’t just write about hoops, we can actually play and I think I’m pretty damn good.

So when Nike Basketball started the “Summer is Serious” campaign and gave us ballers a chance to show off our skills, with the hopes of being chosen by Kevin Durant and James harden for the ultimate pick-up game….we had to jump in.

I just submitted my video via my twitter account @ND_Face and lets see if my video gets chosen.

Shoutout to my cousin for coming out and filming this. He did an amazing job on the editing as well. Make sure you guys follow him on twitter @Dannylo_3Seven

I’ve posted it below for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all and KD and The Beard like it!

Let me know what you think…..

Also, big up to Dade County artist Ghostwridah for letting us borrow his track for this endeavor, good looking out Hometeam!

– N.D. Face

Can you hear me now, haters?

Congrats to the 2013 NBA Champions, The Miami Heat!  Ever wonder what a Two-Time NBA Champion’s voicemail account sounds like?  NIKE Basketball just provided you with the answer.

Social media will be buzzing with this video all day on Friday.


Nike Unveils 2013 Hyperdunks


When I hoop, I don’t just hoop in any shoe I can find. I’m extremely selective in choosing my footwear. And with the price of kicks these days, you’ve got to make sure you make a sound investment.

The last pair of kicks I bought were the 2012 Hyperdunks and I’m loving these shoes. Super lightweight, excellent fit, with great cushioning from the Lunarlon soles. If I could change anything, I’d add some extra heel cushioning, but I love playing in these shoes.

So I was excited as all hell to see the 2013 version of this shoe. According to Nikeinc.com, the show will be dropping globally July 20th. Just in time for all of the summer leagues and AAU ball.

Here’s more info and pics from Nikeinc.com:

Now in its new 2013 edition, the Nike Hyperdunk continues to evolve. Designed by Peter Fogg, a trailblazing Nike footwear designer, the Hyperdunk lives up to his impeccable reputation for design. Over the past two decades, Fogg has created some of the brand’s most coveted shoes for running and All Conditions Gear (ACG), including the Nike Air Zoom Tallac, Nike Air Terra Humara, Nike Zoom Terra Sertig, Nike Ashiko and Nike Structure Triax.

“Although basketball shoe design has greatly transformed over nearly a century, it’s the small, crafted details that make a noticeable difference on the court,” said Fogg. “The Nike Hyperdunk 2013 moves intuitively with the foot, while the tailored tweaks we’ve made lead to an incredibly lightweight, breathable and durable shoe for both indoor and outdoor play.”

From the sole to the upper, the Nike Hyperdunk 2013 builds on its minimalist aesthetic with three of basketball’s most transformative technologies: Dynamic Flywire, Hyperfuse construction and Lunarlon cushioning. The lightweight fit and feel of this iteration set a new standard, while the lockdown support, intuitive stability and advanced herringbone traction are based on insight from the world’s top basketball players including All-Star Point Guard, Kyrie Irving.  

“When I first put the new Hyperdunks on, I didn’t want to take them off,” said Irving. “The performance was great and I feel like the shoe’s versatility benefits my game.” 

Continuing with the less-is-more design mantra set by Avar five years ago, Nike Basketball will continue to blaze new trails in performance basketball design as Fogg’s new Nike Hyperdunk design evolves the shoe’s bold legacy.

Based on these pics, I like the look, but that’s secondary when I’m choosing a shoe to hoop in. I’m looking for a great fit and feel on the court.

I can’t wait to test the shoe out and see if there’s any improvements on the amazing 2012 model.

13_290_Nike_IA_HyperD_Group_1-02_large 13_290_Nike_IA_HyperD_Detail_1-03_large


– N.D. Face

Nike Basketball ELITE Series 2.0+


Nike is releasing the playoff editions of the Lebron X’s, KD V’s, and Kobe 8’s and the results are quite sick!

Championship glory inspires the Nike Basketball ELITE Series 2.0+. With LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant all competing for the same prize, the Nike LeBron X PS ELITE+, Nike Kobe 8 System ELITE+, and Nike KD V ELITE+ sport updated composition and gold accents. Each model features Nike+ technology to track performance statistics and is compatible with the updated basketball iPhone app via Bluetooth sync. The LeBron X PS ELITE+ and KD V ELITE+ are scheduled to launch on April 20th, followed by the Kobe 8 System ELITE+ on June 1st.

Shout out to NiceKicks.com for the photos….



Kobe 8 System ELITE

Kobe 8 System ELITE



For more pics, click here

I hope Nike didn’t spend too much bread on any Kobe commercials since they won’t be playing when his shoe comes out…IJS

– N.D. Face